Lindsay Breaks Into Sam’s House

How many times have stories been run like this? Lindsay Lohan is breaking into Samantha Ronson’s house. Or she’s standing outside of it screaming at her lover to take her back. Or she’s showing up at Sam’s hotel rooms in one of her fits of rage. Or she’s just being Lindsay Lohan, which pretty much means, just being a general putz. This time, she supposedly broke in because she had forgotten her key. Yeah, “forgotten.” No one seems to be questioning whether or not it was a lawful entry but what is in question was Lindsay’s behavior when the locksmith showed up.

Not only did Lindsay end up breaking into Sam’s home – yes, that’s right, I said breaking into – but she also refused to pay the locksmith that showed up for the services that he provided. Before Lindsay broke into Sam’s house. From The Superficial,

“The 23-year-old star walked around the entrance of the house as the locksmith started working on the door, watched by Lindsay’s pal Christy.
She then found an open window and exclaimed, “What the f***, the lock just came undone. You know what sir, we already got in, thanks. We just broke in. We just found a way in.”
She then refused to pay the man’s call out fee, claiming he was asking for $300.
“He’s trying to charge me $300. I’ve paid these guys before, $80 (£50), and now he wants money for trying to get me in, he didn’t do his job!”
The star then offered the locksmith £13 ($20), before returning indoors and refusing to pay anything.”

I have tried really hard to defend Lindsay Lohan. Really, really hard. Unfortunately, I just can’t find the strength to do it anymore. She has proven that in fact, she is the spoiled rotten little girl that we all thought and that she has no respect for anybody or anything else. I’m assuming that Sam did actually know that Lindsay was entering her house but there’s still no reason to not pay a guy who’s done work for you. Especially when you have gads and gads of money. I realize she’s in the middle of a self-tanner lawsuit right now, but surely she still had a few bucks to give the guy, even if $300 is a touch steep.

If I was Samantha Ronson, I’d get the locks changed for good and make sure that my windows were always down and locked. Ya never know what kind of crazies are going to stop by and try to break in.

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