Jim Carrey Will be Proud Grandpa!

It’s so interesting when we hear that celebrities are about to become grandparents. We talk so often about how this person is pregnant, or that person just gave birth. But it’s rare when we talk about celebrities celebrating the births of their grandchildren! Well, Jim Carrey isn’t celebrating a birth yet but he soon will be with the news that his daughter, Jane Carrey, is expecting her first child. From People,

“Jim Carrey’s rock musician daughter Jane Carrey is expecting her first child. “I am very excited,” Jim, 47, says in a statement. “Jane is going to be a great mom.” His 21-year-old daughter, who sings for the Jane Carrey Band, is having the baby with her fiancé, Alex Santana of the rock band Blood Money. Jane is the Liar Liar star’s daughter with his first wife Melissa.”

How fun – and weird – would it be to have Jim Carrey as your Poppa? I think it’s so cute how excited he sounds, telling the world what a great mom his kid will be! Congratulations to Jane, Jim, and the rest of the family!

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