Aw, Ryan!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Ryan Reynolds any more, he goes and says something that makes you love him even more! In a new interview with British Glamour, Ryan opens up about his marriage and how he and wife, Scarlett Johansson are planning to adopt. I got all excited about this when I first read it. Ryan and Scarlett are going to have a baby?!?! Well, maybe one day. For now, Ryan’s just teasing us with the news that some day when they decide to start a family, they will most likely adopt. From US,

“Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are planningto adopt.

“My oldest brother is adopted and I have every intention of adopting at some time,” Reynolds, 32, tells British Glamour in its new issue. “I’m very grateful for having my brother in my life. I couldn’t be more pro-adoption. There are plenty of kids in the world that need it.”

Reynolds – who currently headlines the Sandra Bullock romantic comedy The Proposal – also reflects on his own family life, growing up in Vancouver.

“I learned how to take a punch from a very early age,” says the star, who is now known for his chiseled abs. “I was routinely pummeled into a fine cottage cheese.”

As for his good looks (and brains), Reynolds thanks his parents.

“I have my father’s face and body, but my mother’s unshakeable thirst for knowledge,” he says. “She works part-time jobs, but basically she’s been a student her whole life. She still goes to university and she’s in her 60s.”

Aw, ya gotta love a guy that speaks so highly of his mom! It does definitely seem to be true – no matter what Ryan Reynolds says, or what Ryan Reynolds does, he is just so freakin cute you want to pinch his cheeks! And, Scarlett’s pretty cute too. I guess we can’t hold it against her that she married one of the cutest guys in Hollywood!

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