Halle Berry…Just Another Regular Mom

Yep, Halle Berry is just like any other mom. Except for the fact that she’s a size 0, drop-dead gorgeous thanks to personal trainers and chefs, and has millions of dollars thanks to those blockbuster movies she makes. Yep, except for those things, Halle Berry is just another regular mom!

You would certainly think that though from the latest pics that caught Halle out on vacation with her partner, Gabriel and her 15-month-old daughter, Nahla. Not only did this trip undoubtedly provide a great getaway for the family, but it also gave the paparazzi a chance to get cute little Nahla on film! Halle falls into my favorite category of Hollywood mom. She doesn’t parade her little one out and about but she also doesn’t cover her little girl’s face every single time they go out in public either, giving us opportunities to admire a beautiful mom and her beautiful little girl!

This shot was taken while Halle and Nahla both warmed up under the sun after Halle took Nahla for a dip and started to teach her how to swim. Aw, they’re both so pretty! Thanks to Daily Mail for the pic and caption!

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