Halle Berry…Just Another Regular Mom

Yep, Halle Berry is just like any other mom. Except for the fact that she’s a size 0, drop-dead gorgeous thanks to personal trainers and chefs, and has millions of dollars thanks to those blockbuster movies she makes. Yep, except for those things, Halle Berry is just another regular mom! You would certainly think that […]

Britney’s Family Fun and Warning from MJ

Britney Spears is still busy in Europe killing crowds with her new Circus tour but she took a break this past weekend to spend some time with her boys at the good old fashioned tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower. I have to say that in this picture, I’m not really loving Britney’s look but then […]

Lenny Kravitz Finds Celibacy Hard Sometimes

Well, duh?! Lenny Kravitz has decided to give us all a break from the 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage that televisions, newspaper, and blogs all over the world are being bombarded with. Kravitz has decided to provide such a break by talking about something very important, that will take all of our minds off of it…his […]