Who’s Watching Miley?

Seriously, this thing with Miley Cyrus and her need to not be fully dressed is getting out of control. I’m seriously starting to really, really, really hope that someone is talking to her parents about how young girls should stay covered up and how ya can’t really have the sweet and innocent image AND the slutty whore image all at the same time. Just ask Britney Spears. Miley has recently done a photo shoot for in which she’s wearing skanky boots and laying back on a table in a ‘come hither’ pose.

The dress Miley’s wearing in this picture, I don’t have a problem with. Except that it’s short. Like, SUPER short. And the fact that there’s a very personal section of her thigh that’s sticking out and barely clad between the VERY short dress and her hooker boots. What bothers me the most about this newest Miley shot is that she’s seductively running a hand through her hair (which is conveniently sprawled sexily against her face), and the fact that she’s lying back on a table with her legs up. Like she’s ready to go to bed with the next thing that walks through the door!

When I saw these pictures, I have to say, I wasn’t very shocked. It’s Miley Cyrus for cryin out loud! I’m more shocked when I see her and she is fully clothed! But I was shocked that people didn’t seem to think that these pictures were provocative! She’s 16, people! Some are actually making the argument that ‘she’s almost 17.’ Do you know what ‘almost 17’ is? It’s 16! That’s not even the legal age for consenting sex in many states and yet, it’s okay for us to fling this girl into adulthood when she’s just a girl? Because that’s what we’re doing when we are not horrified and disgusted by these pictures.

Honestly, why is no one close to this girl looking out for her and making her give her own head a shake? I would never let my teenage daughter pose like this for anything or anyone! And I really don’t understand why her parents are watching her self-destruct and not doing anything about it. Well, at least in a couple of years Miley really will be an adult and then we can just laugh about what a tramp she is. I guess then her parents really won’t have to worry about it all. Because then she won’t be anybody’s responsibility but her own and they’ll truly be off the hook. It’s too bad they took themselves off that hook before their little girl was all grown up.

Thanks to Hollywood Crush for the pic and caption.

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#1 Read ME on 07.07.09 at 3:34 pm

it is amazing i even continue coming back to your site. yes, miley is a confused little girl who has grown up too fast – unfortunately, that’s how it goes in hollywood. what amazes me is how fucking judgmental you are. do you ever go back and read what you spew? “in a couple years when she’s an adult, we can all laugh about what a tramp she is”. what were you doing when YOU were 16, little holier than thou dipshit? were you making all the right decisions? did YOU have YOUR head on straight? I effing doubt it. quit trying to be perez. ain’t gonna happen!
at least he gives credit where credit is due… you should also look into those posts where you start off “i hate talking about this person(s)/these people are so boring, not worth talking about etc…”. after beginning a post with an intro like that, why do you continue to ramble for 18 paragraphs?? are you that devoid of a life?
go back to journalism school… or beauty school… whichever will take you.

#2 kateb on 07.08.09 at 3:09 am

Hi ReadMe, thanks so much for your thoughts. i wasn’t actually going to approve the comment because we don’t usually allow swearing but you seemed to need to get something off your chest quite badly and I thought I’d address some of your issues.

No, I wasn’t the smartest 16-year-old on earth. However, I also wasn’t taking my clothes off…for cameras or otherwise. People certainly weren’t paying me big money to do it. One of the reasons for that was my mother who was around and did make sure that I grew up properly. That was sort of the point of my post. That someone needs to be watching out for Miley. You said yourself she’s a confused little girl who’s growing up too fast. And yes, that happens in Hollywood all the time. I just think that proper parenting requires you to be there for that confused little girl to help her through it and not encourage her to keep doing half-naked photo spreads. When she’s older, we will all laugh about what a tramp she is because it will no longer be ‘her parents’ fault’ and the onus will be back on her. I’m sure you’ve made fun of celebrities you’ve seen as well, for one reason or another.

As for writing about people I don’t particularly like, I do that for the people who come to the site. I realize I have different tastes than other people and I like to cover news about everyone in Hollywood – not just the people that I like. Yes, my views in these posts will be slanted but, as are yours when you reply to them. We all have our opinions. I write mine in the posts and I love when people reply to them in comments. I do hope you’ll continue coming back to the site. I love expressing my opinions and hearing what other people have to say about them. I’m not trying to be anybody I’m not. And god knows that if I had to choose anyone on earth to be rather than myself, perez hilton doesn’t even make the list.

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