Rihanna’s No Role Model

My, my, my, has my opinion of Rihanna ever changed since Chris Brown beat the crap out of her in January. First, she seems content to let Chris get away with it. I mean, she did say that she would always be fully cooperative with authorities but she also took him back weeks after he beat her. That’s just a classic case of actions speaking louder than words. Now, she’s wearing extremely inappropriate clothing and flaunting her body as if she only wants to be associated with sex and to hell with any of the good that she could do for today’s young girls.

Seriously, it would have sent such a positive message to today’s young people if she had told Chris Brown exactly what she thought of him instead of hanging on like some kind of desperate woman who was ready to take whatever he handed to her. AND it would also send a positive message to today’s young girls if Rihanna would actually cover herself up when she went out in public rather than pasting huge stars to her nipples that only draw attention to them – and only to them! RiRi wore this outfit to celebrate the Fourth of July – something else that I think is completely unnecessary. I’m sure there were plenty of patriotic outfits that Rihanna could have chosen in place of this one. Outfits, perhaps, that covered her boobs and left her self-respect in tact.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for the pic and caption!

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