Is Orlando Bloom Really This Stupid?

We only hear things about Orlando Bloom every once in awhile and when we do, it’s usually people talking about how hot he is, or what his newest movie is coming out. This is a Hollywood star that gets his share of media coverage but still manages to come out smelling like roses. And as for his girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, we hear even less about her – until now! It seems that Orlando has decided that it’s time for him and Miranda to get married and if they don’t, he’ll just find someone else that does want to marry him! Yes, it seems that if this newest story is to be believed, Orlando has apparently never heard that ultimatums simply don’t work the majority of the time.

Orlando has reportedly proposed to Miranda twice and she’s turned him down both times. Now he’s ready to pop the question one more time and apparently, she better be ready and waiting with the right answer. From Pop Crunch,

“Orlando Bloom has warned his model girlfriend Miranda Kerr that he’s going to dump her if she refuses
to accept a third marriage proposal.

It is an offer many women would find to good to pass up, but the Aussie-born Victoria’s Secret Angel has turned down two marriage proposals from the 32-year-old British star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

“He has told her he wants to marry her and will propose again this summer,” a source close to the couple told The Daily Telegraph over the weekend.

“Orlando discussed marriage with her in New York last year and again in Sydney earlier this year but she kept saying she was too young. If she says no, he ‘s said it will be over.”

I really hope this story isn’t true. I’ve never thought too much of Orlando Bloom one way or another but if this one turns out to be true, I think I’m going to have start disliking him quite a bit. Not only do ultimatums not work but I don’t think starting off your engagement or your marriage with threats such as, “I’ll leave you if you don’t….” ever turns into something good. And I also don’t think it’s wise to completely disregard the feelings of the person you want to be your spouse forever and ever. If she says she’s too young, she’s too young. That’s it, end of story. Orlando is only 32 himself and Miranda is only 25. What is the rush exactly? Would he rather her marry him when she’s not ready and then get a divorce when he’s 34? Maybe Orlando also isn’t ready for marriage if he’s beginning to think like this. And I hope Miranda points that out to him before she turns down his third proposal.

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#1 Melissa on 07.16.09 at 4:48 pm

I think Orlando bloom is to hot.
When I first saw him on kingdom of heaven I wanted to marry him when I groww up.
but Im to yung for him hes 32 and im 15 in a half.
I so want him to become a christain so he wont go to hell when he dies.

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