Rihanna’s No Role Model

My, my, my, has my opinion of Rihanna ever changed since Chris Brown beat the crap out of her in January. First, she seems content to let Chris get away with it. I mean, she did say that she would always be fully cooperative with authorities but she also took him back weeks after he […]

Is Orlando Bloom Really This Stupid?

We only hear things about Orlando Bloom every once in awhile and when we do, it’s usually people talking about how hot he is, or what his newest movie is coming out. This is a Hollywood star that gets his share of media coverage but still manages to come out smelling like roses. And as […]

A Check-In on Hilary and Mike

I love Hilary Duff and I love Mike Comrie so I love it when this couple steps out for a night on the town and the paparazzi are there to catch every beautiful second of it! This time, Hilary and Mike were out drinking and dancing the night away as they celebrated one of their […]

I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone

Poor, lonely, desperate Jennifer Aniston. If you were to believe everything you read, that’s about the gist of it and I’m so tired of hearing it. If anyone has actually ever listened to Jennifer Aniston speak about her love life, she seems to be pretty okay about it. She’s able to laugh about it and while […]

Jon and Kate Get Along for the Fourth

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce and it looks like it might be the best thing for the family. The ex-couple were both at their home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania on Saturday so that they could celebrate the Fourth of July as a family, with both of them, and their kids. It looks […]

Daniel Radcliffe is More than Just Harry Potter

When the first Harry Potter movie came out, I wondered what would happen to Daniel Radcliffe. If he would just become this boy who starred in the Potter movies before becoming an unknown, or if this series of movies would fling his acting career into full throttle. At first, it seemed that the former was […]