David and Victoria do Another Ad

The last time that David and Victoria Beckham did an ad for Emporio Armani, I thought that it was a little lack-luster. They didn’t seem really ‘into’ each other, they were barely touching and all in all, it just fell a little flat for me. But now they’ve gone and done another one and I must say, it’s pretty hot. Weird. But hot. In this ad Victoria lies across her man with her hair in some kind of funky do while David has some kind of weird grimace on his face. Maybe that’s because he’s lying on a huge hunk of rope.

Victoria does also look like she’s not really at the shoot mentally but that’s pretty normal with any type of modeling as it’s supposed to be about the clothes and not the pretty faces. I’m sure though that Emporio Armani realizes that when it’s David and Victoria, the faces are just too pretty – you have to look. Great shot, way better than the ones they came out with in January! Thanks to Celebrity Dirty Laundry for the pic!

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