Seriously, what is UP with these two?

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green drive me crazy. I think they may just be the two flightiest and stupidest people I’ve ever seen in Hollywood. And that’s sayin somethin. Megan Fox just proves how utterly stupid she is every time she breathes and Brian Austin Green follows her around, happy to be her fiance one week only to be her ex the next. Honestly, they drive me crazy. The two have recently broken up, calling off their engagement in the meanwhile, all of this after just buying a house together.

After this most recent breakup, Megan ran to the papers talking about how happy she was to be single and how she wanted to shag the crap out of a Korean that goes by the name of Rain. So apparently she was shedding no tears over cutting ties with Brian Austin Green. But now Megan has been seen hanging out in L.A. with Green this past weekend. Even though the photos don’t have them looking lovey-dovey, the reports from Radar Online certainly sound like things got a little intimate – even if they didn’t get too crazy with the PDA’s. From Radar Online,

“As they continue to skirt around whether or not they’re back together (and if Shia is more than just a co-star and friend), Megan Fox and former fiance Brian Austin Green enjoyed a wonderful weekend away in Sin City. has the full play-by-play of their trip including their discreet public displays of affection.

Arriving at The Palazzo Las Vegas around 3 a.m., the duo quickly met up with Fox’s sister and brother-in-law who were in town from Florida and retired to their suite. Hours later on Sunday, the group had lunch at Mexican hotspot Dos Caminos where Fox’s sibling picked up the check!

“Brian was in shorts and Megan was in skinny jeans and heels. She was wearing big sunglasses but took them off when they sat down. They were in a cabana in the restaurant and had us turn the TV to the Dodgers/Marlins game,” a worker told “Megan had tuna ceviche for an appetizer and then she and her sister had the pescada tacos (fish) and the guys had the asada tacos (beef). Megan’s sister picked up the check and it was $100 and she tipped $20. They all looked like they were having a lot of fun laughing and joking around.”

While they simply “looked friendly” at lunch, they turned up the sweetness factor later in the night when they caught the Mystere by Cirque du Soleil show at Treasure Island. Arriving in a stretch black limo, the foursome ate popcorn and sipped soda as they watched the performance- at one point one of the performers even put his head between the two as part of the act! The random interruption did nothing to change Fox and Green’s intimacy with one another.

“They were calling each other baby, he had his arm around her, and they were holding hands,” an onlooker said. “At one point she put on chapstick but had some leftover so she put the extra on his lips.”

So what’s going on with these two? Who knows and who cares? I think that Brian Austin Green wants Megan Fox and that Megan Fox wants people to be in love with her. And they both seem pretty happy with that relationship. So I’m happy for them. Even if they are the stupidest people I’ve ever seen in my life.

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