Mariah Carey Tries to Diss Eminem

Mariah Carey seems to think that she can be as brilliant and cutting as Eminem is in his lyrics but, she is wrong. Her and her little whipping boy, Nick Cannon have gotten themselves all up in aflutter over Em’s lyrics in his song Bagpipes from Baghdad, which is on his latest album, Relapse. In the song, Eminem starts off by talking about how he wants Mariah back and how Nick should watch out because Em is going to take his girl and kick his ass too. So of course, because Nick is a nobody who thinks he’s somebody, he gets his back up about it and blogs endlessly about how he’s going to get back at Eminem. Ooohhh, I’m sure Em’s scared. Then, people turned to Mariah for her response.

Ok, let me just say that not only has Mariah come out and addressed the issue but she’s done it in the stupidest way possible! The first time someone asked her about it, it was TMZ and when the subject was broached, Mariah’s bodyguards looked like they were ready to topple the reporters and quickly shushed them. Mariah meanwhile, made some stupid comment about how she doesn’t eat candy (when Eminem’s name was mentioned) and then she tried to slither into her limousine, even though she’s far too big a girl to slither anywhere.

All of that happened awhile back. Now though, it seems that Mariah has had some time to think about it and she’s ready for her comeback! And, it’s about as lame as her husband/whipping boy’s was. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

Looks like Mariah Carey has gotten her revenge against Eminem.

MARIAH CAREY takes aim at ex-boyfriend EMINEM in her latest music video “Obsessed” – by dressing as the rapper.
Eminem rapped about Carey — who he has said he briefly dated in 2001 — in his song “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

The tune’s lyrics include: “You’re so lame….Ooh boy, why you so obsessed with me? Ohh finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress/Last man on the earth/still couldn’t get this.”

And Carey continues her tirade against the rapper by trading in her glamorous looks to appear as a man with a striking resemblance to Eminem, wearing an oversized sweatshirt, baseball cap and baggy sweatpants for the video clip, which was filmed in New York on Monday.”

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Mariah Carey has managed to make herself look like an ass once again! Dressing up in Slim Shady’s clothes, does not make you look like Slim Shady! Never mind the fact that Eminem does not look like that and the fact that he is not that fat, but she’s making this big ‘dig’ at Eminem long, long after the fact! It’s not a good dig, it makes her look like an idiot and if she really didn’t care about Eminem, she certainly wouldn’t include him in a video.

I hope Mariah and Eminem never get back together, or whatever they were doing, because that’s still unclear too. But – let me just clear one thing up. Eminem does start that song by talking about how he wants Mariah back. But if you keep listening, he also says that Nick can have her and Eminem calls her some pretty harsh names. When Eminem did it though, it was hysterical, it was off-the-cuff and it was brilliant. When Mariah and Nick both did it, it was a desperate grab for attention.

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