I Knew Michael Jackson Would Have a Will!

Yeah, that really didn’t take no dummy, now did it? Of course with the teams of lawyers that Michael Jackson has worked with over the years and all of the legal advice that he has undoubtedly heard, someone along the way surely would have mentioned the man might want to make a will! That’s why when all of the court proceedings and questions regarding who would get his kids were circling, I was very perplexed as to why they would just not go to the will and see what it said? Oh, and now someone has done just that! The questions now are, who will get what and what are the real facts behind the will?

There have been crazy stories going around since yesterday, when it was reported that the last will Michael had written was in 2002. The media was almost trying to make it sound as though Michael and his dad, Joe, practically hated each other and that Joe was completely cut out of the will. That, combined with the stories that Michael wasn’t the biological father of any of his children, and things started to get really crazy. But some facts – actual facts – have been released to give us some more insight on what Michael actually wanted. From the Daily Blabber,

“Yesterday reports began to swirl that Michael Jackson’s will had surfaced, and that the pop star had intentionally left nothing of his fortune to his dad, Joe Jackson.

But People.com has gotten the real details on the document, which was written in 2002. The Jackson family is still reviewing Michael’s last will and testament, but here’s what we know so far:

– Michael left all of his assets to the Michael Jackson FamilyTrust

– He named his mother Katherine as guardian of his children – Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7.

– Attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain are named as executors of the will

– No charities are named as beneficiaries

– Joe Jackson was not specifically left out of the will

“There are no numbers in the will,” says a source said. “The assets are going into the family trust.”

So I’m guessing that what probably happened was that Michael left the bulk of his assets to the family trust and to his mother, Katherine, knowing that everyone would still be provided for and that they would get what they needed. Michael Jackson did certainly have issues with his dad. As their dad managed the Jackson 5, he was extremely hard on his kids and expected perfection from them. He did completely control their lives and  Michael has admitted several times that his dad was physically and verbally abusive.

Yep, this family’s got issues, there’s no doubt about it. But even with everything that they have gone through, I still don’t think that leaving Joe out of his will was a way to strike back at him one last time. Michael did desperately want to be a different kind of dad than his dad was, and I think he managed to do that. That may have been all the closure and peace that Michael needed in order to move past his issues with his dad. I really don’t think Michael used his will to get revenge.

But as far as what else the will says, I would think that this would definitely seal the deal on Katherine being made the permanent legal guardian of the kids at the hearing in August. And may I just say, that this is a woman that I highly underestimated! I automatically assumed that because she’s 79 years old that there may be problems with her taking care of small children. Clearly, this woman can handle just about anything!

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