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Jude Law Knocks Someone Up

Ooooh, this is good! It’s always a delicious piece of gossip when you hear that a celebrity, especially a huge celebrity like Jude Law, has gone and knocked up some girl who’s name we don’t even get to know. And it came as much of surprise to Law as it does to us, I’m sure. […]

Michael’s Mom Will Get His Kids

This is exactly why I didn’t understand all of the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson’s will and who would get his kids. Since Michael’s will stated that his kids would go to his mother, Katherine Jackson, I didn’t understand why there was any question about it. She seemed ready, willing, and able, and was even willing […]

Jen and Bradley are Pretty Tricky

Bradley Cooper takes Jennifer Aniston out and the media makes a big stink about it. He then, a few nights later, takes Renee Zellweger out and the media makes an even bigger stink about it. Then nothing. Okay, I just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s happening in this absurd love triangle. I would […]

IsKate Still in Denial?

While her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has been out trying to get with just about anything he sees, Kate Gosselin has been sticking close to home with her kids and has been seeming to have some sort of struggle with the new divorce. While Kate rarely talks to paparazzi, this is certainly a case of actions […]

Bump Watch: Heidi Klum

If there’s anyone who could have a baby that’s ready to pop out of her, and still look beautiful and glowing, it’s Heidi Klum. The model was caught walking around the park the other day, barefoot in the grass, and even with her belly button all popped out, the woman still looks amazing! I think […]

Are Fergie and Josh Already Headed for Divorce?

I was kind of grossed out when Josh Duhamel and Fergie got married. And it was for no other reason than the fact that he’s so yummy and she’s so – ew. But reports are coming out now that these two might not be as happy as they seem and that they are even considering […]

In the Most Immature News of the Day

There’s nothing that says, “I’m taking the high road” after a breakup than posting signs telling people how much you dislike your ex. That’s exactly what Tony Romo has done with Jessica Simpson, after she’s kept relatively quiet post-split. Nope, she’s not welcome there, nuh uh. Tony Romo has actually posted a sign on the […]

Jesus Luz is Madonna’s New Protege

Back off, Britney Spears, Madonna has a new protege in the making and it’s none other than her former lover, Jesus Luz. Reportedly, Madonna dumped the much-younger man just a short while ago but that doesn’t mean that she’s lost interest in making him a star. I guess the modeling career that she had laid […]

Hudson Goes Public with A-Rod

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson has been trying tokeep her relationship with Alex Rodriguez a secret ever since they started dating a few months ago. But, this headline still confuses me. Apparently over this past weekend, Kate Hudson went to support her man at the annual New York Yankees picnic and they had a […]

Jessica and Honor Out for a Bite

Over this past weekend, Jessica Alba and her daughter, Honor Marie, were seen out and about, stopping for a bite to eat at the Newsroom Cafe. I always think that Alba looks like she takes life a little too seriously and this picture is no different. Could she look any angrier as she’s out for […]

Gasp! Chris and Rihanna Stay at the Same Hotel!

The media has seemed to have really had a bad case of making something out of nothing lately. The latest is that over this past weekend, Chris Brown and Rihanna reportedly stayed at the same hotel. Oh, the horror! Now, this would be a story if they had met up, and maybe if a secret […]

Candy Spelling Rages at her Daughter Through TMZ

Candy Spelling makes me nauseous. Tori Spelling also used to turn my stomach some but, with the recent plays her mother has made in the media, I tend to feel bad for Tori and find myself rooting for her a tiny bit. In the past Candy has gone and talked to themedia about how the […]

An Update on LeAnn and Dean

Twitter must be like a godsend to celebrities. It’s like a virtual post-it note where they can tell it like it is, and not let anyone put words in their mouth. Many celebrities use it, and idiots like John Mayer are infamous for overusing it and driving all of us to the point of insanity. […]

David Beckham Overreacts in Wife’s Defense

David Beckham is serious about two things: soccer, and his family. He’s managed to keep things in balance this past week. Early in the week, while his wife Victoria was away playing on swings during a photo shoot, David took his boys shopping in Hollywood. A few days later he played a game for the […]

Omer Bhatti is Not Michael Jackson’s Son

When there were rumors spreading that Omer Bhatti, one of Michael Jackson’s close and younger friends, was really the secret son of the King of Pop, Michael’s family claimed that the rumors were untrue. Friends and family both said that Michael wanted to be the boy’s father and called himself so sometimes but, that it […]

Why are We Talking About This Now?

When Usher divorced his wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, a month and a half ago, I was a bit shocked but the split did not come as a total surprise to me. It did surprise me that Usher would leave his wife so soon after she faced a fatal situation earlier this year. And it also […]

LeAnn and her Hubby Separate

Well this is perhaps the least shocking news of the day. Back in March, LeAnn Rimes was caught red-handed having an affair with her costar of a television movie, Eddie Cibrian. An attempt was made to shrug the whole thing off in the eyes of the media as LeAnn and her husband, Dean Sheremet appeared […]

John Travolta May Leave Scientology over the Death of his Son

John Travolta has been a rare sight ever since the tragic death of his son earlier this year. He issued a brief statement right after Jett died and has made only one public appearance. I don’t think anyone can blame him. Here’s someone who can’t go out of his house without worrying about flashbulbs and […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Likes to Remind Jen Garner She’s Still There

I’m really not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s. She never does any movies that interest me in the least but mostly, she’s Madonna’s BFF, which means that she has a level of respect for that woman that I just can’t understand. Also, Gwyneth always seems to me to be the type of person that needs to […]

Britney’s Already Proving Herself

Just yesterday I was writing about how thrilled I was that Britney Spears could become her own woman at the end of the year by getting out from under her father’s conservatorship. And if anyone has doubts that Brit is thinking clearly about what’s good for her and hersons, this newest move will lay all […]