Gene Simmons Thinks Adam Lambert Ruined his Own Career

I understand that everyone thinks that Gene Simmons is some kind of brilliant business man but, I just don’t get it. I don’t get him. Every time Gene Simmons opens his mouth, I’m only reminded of how stupid he is and how he has no idea how the world works. I know, I know. He’s far more experienced than I am and has seen and done many more things that I have. But that doesn’t mean that he’s smarter than me, even though he clearly thinks he’s the modern genius. And I’m sorry, every time, and I do mean every time I hear something come out of Simmons’ mouth, I want to scream. I want to find him to tell him just how stupid I think he really is.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can tell you what started it all. Gene Simmons has recently given an interview with AOL and has decided that it’s his business to tell Adam Lambert, and the world, just what he thinks of the declaration of homosexuality that Adam made in Rolling Stone Magazine. Now, let’s be clear. I’m no Adam Lambert fan either. And when he gave that interview, I thought it was the stupidest piece of news I had read in a long time. When Adam stood up and told the world that he was gay, I don’t think anyone was shocked and I certainly don’t think anyone cared. Well, except for Gene Simmons, who is convinced that by making such an announcement, Adam has single-handedly ruined his career. From Pop Crunch,

“Gene Simmons is convinced American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert “ruined” any shot he has at a career in mainstream music after publicly confirming his rumored homosexuality in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this month.

“He’s enormously talented, best talent ‘American Idol’ has had, but I think he killed his career because now the conversation is not about his talent but about his sexual preference. He’s done. You’re forcing people to deal with issues they may not be interested in,” the former Kiss star explained in an interview with AOL over the weekend.

“Life is unfair, and the masses don’t all live in L.A. They live in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and you’re on crack if you think the same rules apply there. My advice is still the same, shut the f*** up, just sing and let people say whatever they want. But I do wish him the best because he’s got all the talent in the world,” says Simmons, who performed onstage with Lambert during the season finale in May.

“If only the world was not homophobic, but it is. I would be the first one to vote for equal rights for gay women and men, and get the church and the state to stop telling everybody how to lead their lives, but do I think he’s killed his career? Oh, in an instant. I hope I’m completely wrong. I hopehe becomes the next Beatles and proves me wrong.”

Okay, so there are a few things wrong with this. First, it’s going to be a little hard for Adam to become ‘the next Beatles’ when he’s a solo artist and the Beatles were made up of four people. I also don’t think Adam telling the world that he was gay will have any effect on his career. I think Adam won’t make it because he’s too eccentric, he’s too weird, and in my humble opinion, he’s just not that talented. But it will have happened this way whether Adam told the world what they already knew or not. Gene Simmons is so stupid.

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