Bump Watch: Gisele Bundchen

I don’t really know football and I’m not really ‘into’ the world of supermodels so I don’t really know too much about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in their respective careers. But I do know a little bit about them as a couple, and the fact that they are happily awaiting their own little bundle of joy. Gisele’s pregnancy was announced in May, after people speculated about whether or not they really were married until they actually tied the knot in March. In a real ceremony. That was confirmed by the couple.

But no one has to confirm this news as Gisele’s baby bump is already clearly showing. Even though the news is still new, it’s not surprising she’d pop out early because she’s so freakin skinny. And even though this will be Gisele’s first baby, she’s spending time getting ready to be a mummy by spending time with her stepson, John. From Pop Sugar,

“Gisele Bundchen carried her sleepy-looking stepson John into their home on Friday as they continue a week of spending time together in LA. She didn’t have him with her on Saturday for an afternoon of shopping, when she visited a children’s store and picked up a few bags of goodies. Gisele still has months to go before her own bundle of joy is due, it looks like she’s getting a head start on feathering her nest for John and his future brother or sister.”

Aw, it looks like she’s ready to me! She’s got the kid snuggled just right and he looks perfectly content to be there! Congratulations to Tom and Gisele again – this pregnancy might be more fun to watch than I thought it would be!

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There having a boy!!!!!!

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