Janet Speaks about Michael at the BET Awards

I didn’t watch the BET Awards last night but gathering from what I’ve read in the blogs and online dailies, it was all about Michael, Michael, Michael, as it should have been. It started with Jamie Foxx doing a montage of Michael Jackson moves while dressed in full Michael gear, complete with a red leather jacket and white glove. Later in the ceremony, Janet Jackson got up to speak about her brother.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge Michael or Janet Jackson fan but when she spoke last night, it was not about being a celebrity or having a professional music career. It was all about a sister talking about her brother who passed away far too soon. And there’s something wrong with you if you weren’t touched while she was speaking. You can view her speech, courtesy of the Daily Blabber, . During the speech, it’sobvious that Janet is trying extremely hard to keep it together as she says some very touching words about Michael and about how her family is dealing with the loss. As Janet prepares to leave the stage, it’s almost as though it’s just too difficult for her to speak anymore, which I imagine it was, and she is escorted off the stage.

Michael’s dad, Joe Jackson was also present at the ceremony and spoke to the press before and after the event. Although he appeared very strong at the event and from the sounds of it, held it together amazingly well for a man who lost his son a few days ago, Jesse Jackson, a family friend has also recently spoken about what a difficult time this has been for Michael’s parents. From Contact Music,

“Family friend Reverend Jesse Jackson, who is not related tothe family, said: “Katherine and Joe are strong but they are grieving. Michael is the first loss of any of their children, which compounds it. They are grieving over the suddenness of the loss of Michael. It was so sudden. And I say ‘sudden’ because he had passed his health test, he was rehearsing every day for his UK concerts and was in full training for the big tour. The tour was sold out.

“There was a real joy with Michael in recent months. So there is real grief now. He was at the top of his art. He was the best who ever did it.”

Michael – who is survived by three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II – was due to perform 50 comeback shows in London, beginning next month.

Jesse added Michael’s family are “concerned” about the manner of his death.

Although he does not point the finger at Michael’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murphy, he admits the family were worried by his behaviour.

Conrad has undergone a three-hour interview with theLos Angeles Police Department, with his representative later saying: “Investigators say the doctor is in no way a suspect and remains a witness to this tragedy.”

No parents should ever have to bury their children, no matter the circumstance. I think that’s one of the most devastating things about the entire story. Our thoughts go out once again to the family as they continue to move through the grieving process and try to make peace with losing their father, their son, their brother, and their friend.

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