A Tweet from Moron Mayer

I hate John Mayer. I mean, I really, really hate John Mayer. I don’t think he’s that talented, I don’t think he’s that good-looking, and I know for damn sure that he’s obnoxious as all hell. Mayer first tried to make his name in the tabloids (because that’s all he really cares about) by bed-hopping from girl to girl and when that became old, he settled down for a few months with a big-name celebrity, Jennifer Aniston. God only knows what she was thinking but thankfully, she put a quick end to that the second time around for them. But still, John Mayer used that entire relationship as a celebrity stunt, constantly tweeting about their status and their relationship. When they broke up, the idiot held a press conference. A press conference!!!

Now that he no longer has Aniston on his arm though, it seems that he is desperate to make us pay attention to him. So, Mayer did what Mayer knows best – he went to Twitter and told us all why he was still single. Apparently, this is all he has left and the man is obviously grasping at straws. From Gossip Girls,

“Rolling around town in style, John Mayer was spotted out for a weekend cruise in Calabasas on Saturday (June 27).

Dressed casually in a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, the “Gravity” singer ended up making a pit stop at a local gas station – filling up his new Ferrari before continuing along on his way.

Seemingly always plugging away with messages on his Twitter account, Mayer tweeted the previous night about his thoughts on why he’s single.

Never short on humor, John tells, “I’m goingto be honest. The reason I’m single? I can’t stop rubbing my feet together in bed. I’m like a cricket.”

Yeah, that’s why. Never mind the fact that you’re a complete moron. Or the fact that you have no idea how to treat women respectfully. It’s the foot thing for sure.

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