Is Jon Gosselin Going to Have his own Book?

Well now that he’s started divorce proceedings to end his marriage to Kate Gosselin, it seems that Jon Gosselin is going to start living his life the way he was never allowed to when he was married – the way he wants to! And reportedly, he’s going to start by making his own book. The book will be a tell-all showing us all how horrible it was to be married to Kate and will include nasty details such as what their sex life was like. I guess he wants to show Kate that she’s not the only who can exploit their lives by writing books about it. From Star,

“Star has learned thatJon is penning a scathing tell-all that threatens to expose Kate’s darkest secrets!

Jon, 32, has had enough of being portrayed as the bad buy – and he’s ready to defend himself in a book that could earn $10 million! He’s already written half of the manuscript, and when he starts shopping it around, he won’t be at a loss for publishing contacts, ironically, thanks to Kate, the author of two books!

Jon plans to reveal that he and Kate… hadn’t had sex in a year before she got so close to Steve, and even before that, they were seldom intimate, says the source. “She’d withhold sex when she wanted to punish him. Sex is important to Jon, but she didn’t care…”

In Jon’s book, which could hit shelves as soon as November, he plans to reveal that he began to fall out of love with his wife about three years ago, when she started alienating both of their families. (today, Kate has no a relationship [sic] with any member of her family). “It was like she was too good for them,” says the source.“Once Jon started to back off from her, Kate could sense it, and it made her crazy. That’s when she decided that money would be her new love…”

Now, with the breakup and having to help support eight kids, unemployed Jon desperately needs money coming in – and $10 million for his book is the payday he wants.”

Seriously, who’s going to buy this book? Why do people feel it necessary to try and make a quick book telling us all the personal details of their lives. I understand that sometimes self-help books and stories of personal achievement or struggle can be uplifting but not in this case. This is purely a case of Jon seeking revenge and wanting everyone to see just how horrible his ex-wife really is. As if we didn’t already know. And if this book really will be written and if Jon really uses it to have a big pity party for himself, I’m really going to have to start being nicer toKate. Being married to a complete biatch is no excuse to slam her over and over and over again – especially once the marriage is over!

Jon and Kate both claim that they put their children first. Before anything. Period, end of story. Really? Is writing a book trashing their mother really doing what’s best for them? No it’s not. And that’s because this book is all about Jon and what Jon needs. He needs revenge and this is his way of getting it. I really hope that the story of this book coming out is not true. I mean, I do already hate Jon and Kate both so much that it won’t affect my own personal feelings about them. But I really don’t think a book of this type would be good for the kids. Of course, no one close to them will think about that.

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