Good-bye, Michael

The news of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday has sent the world into a state of shock that I have not seen in a very, very long time. It’s amazing to me that someone who was so mocked and ridiculed in the public eye still touched so many people and it’s undeniable that music just would not be the same today without his unique touch that he gave it way back when. His records are still top in the country, he was planning a tour in the United Kingdom that was to start in just two weeks and yet, here we are today, saying good-bye to Michael Jackson.

So how do we go about saying good-bye to such a great musical legend and an entertainer that put his fans and his music first and foremost? I suppose we can only pay tribute to who he was and the road he paved for many, many people. There’s no doubt that when Michael Jackson’s name is spoken, now and forever, people will be reminded about just what he accomplished in his life and perhaps, for those of us who didn’t know him personally, that is tribute enough.

And what about his tarnished past? His transgressions that were made public in the courtroom? His ill-advised media stunts? His cosmetic surgery gone wrong? His abnormal lifestyle, and somewhat enigmatic beliefs and thoughts? Yes, it’s for all of these reasons that Michael Jackson was often the brunt of jokes and why he also made for a very easy target. I suppose that we can only hope that after the world so suddenly and tragically lost him yesterday, that we will allow all of the jokes, the snideness, and the smirks to also be buried.

I was never a huge, huge Michael Jackson fan. But I do enjoy most of his music and I do understand the huge impact that he has made in the music industry and the good work that he has done in his life. I hope fans and critics alike can, at this sad time, remain respectful and remember that this is a man who has children and who was personally loved by many people that will be mourning his death for a very, very long time.

With sadness in our hearts, our thoughts go out to the Jackson family. We hope that they will find some way to find peace in all of this as we say good-bye to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

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