The Newest Set of Miley

You would think that Miley Cyrus would have learned by now not to take sexual, or racial, pictures of yourself. Preferably not ever, definitely not when you’re 16 but most especially when you’re a very famous 16-year-old. The girl has stripped for magazines, taken pictures of herself in bed with her boyfriend, and also taken some very girly shots in her closet while she was only wearing a t-shirt and underwear. And those are just the ones I know of!\

Every single time, she has been raked over the coals in the media for being so, so, so very stupid. I would think, even if her parents don’t give a crap about what she does, she could at least see that she’s not leaving a very good impression of herself. But I guess when you’re that dumb, it either doesn’t dawn on you or you simply don’t care. But what’s most disturbing about this latest set is that she has been left in the hands of a grown, perverted-looking man. A man who, by the way, doesn’t look like he thinks there’s anything wrong with watching a barely-dressed 16-year-old writhe around. It’s truly sickening. From the Sun UK,

“SIXTEEN-year-old Disney star MILEY CYRUS has caused another photo storm – after her latest movie producer posted up provocative photos of them on Twitter.
In one the teenager sits backwards on a chair, while in the other she poses with 44-year-old filmmaker ADAM SHANKMAN directly behind her.

Adam, who directed fellow Disney star ZAC EFRON in Hairspray, produces Miley’s new movie The Last Song.

He has defended the snaps, saying: “Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly and is allowed to have fun in the make up room.

“Seriously. Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics. She’s like my angel little sister.”

Maybe there should be no more behind the scenes pics allowed. Not ifMiley’s idea of having fun is acting like an adult when you’re still a child. Her parents may not care what she does but there are girls watching this half-wit and thinking that’s how you’re supposed to behave. That’s what having fun is like. Oh, it’s just so wrong. And I’d seriously really like Billy Ray or Tish to come out and make a statement explaining how they can possibly think that this is good parenting. I mean, it’s one thing when you allow your 16-year-old to date and be in bed with a 20-year-old model. It’s not good by any stretch but there wasn’t an outrage about it. Here she’s with a man. A full-grown man who’s much more powerful and much stronger than she is. This time, she and her parents, could have potentially placed her in an incredibly dangerous situation. And that’s just irresponsible on all parts.

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