Nick and Vanessa Break Up

Honestly, why are we still talking about Nick Lachey? His boy band died off long ago, he’s not even married to a famous blonde bombshell anymore and he’s notreally doing anything, except appearing in tabloids. So why do we care that he’s broken up with the woman that claimed she wanted to have little Nick babies? We don’t. Well, I don’t anyway but I do realize there might be people out there that do. If there are, here’s the full scoop from US and for those who don’t, I’m sorry for the additional time you’ve wasted thinking about Nick Lachey.

“Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have split, reps for both stars tell

“They have amicably split but remain good friends who still greatly care for one another,” Minnillo’s rep tells Us.

Adds a source: “It was an amicable break-up. They walk away from it still friends.”

Says another, “They still care about each other very much. This is what’s best for both of them.”

The couple hooked up in 2006 — the year after Lachey split from wife Jessica Simpson.

In 2007, Minnillo told Us shewanted to have kids with Lachey: “I always say I want three boys and a girl, but at the end of the day, I just want healthy kids.”

Well, it looks like Vanessa will have to have those healthy babies with someone else. Pooh. What’s more interesting in Nick Lachey news is that he recently was making his way out of a restaurant when TMZ caught him and Vanessa on camera and started talking to them. Nick apparently wasn’t in the mood to be cordial and raced out of there as fast as possible – while managing to also be as rude as possible. Nice, Nick. You’d think a has-been would be a little nicer to those who still wanted to talk to him.

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