The Jon and Kate Saga will Soon be Over

The world knows by now that on last night’s show, Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they were getting a divorce. They explained to all of their fans how the living arrangements would work and what the schedules would be like. And as I sat there watching it, I couldn’t help but hope that the couple explained these things to their children before they told complete strangers. Seeing as how they used their television show to gain ratings by promoting their divorce for a week, I’m thinking their kids will be the last to know. So what else happened besides the ‘life-changing announcement?’

Jon and Kate spent a lot of time blaming each other. Kate blamed Jon for his communication problems and while she did point out that he was angry with her for many reasons, she also said she had ‘gotten better.’ By this, she meant the controlling, raging, psychopath side of Kate we so often see. And, it’s not even true that she’s gotten better. She was once a loving wife who treated her husband like a person. And it seemed that the bigger the show got and the more she became lovingly known as this ‘rage-alohic’ she took it to a whole new level and became a psychopath. Why would Kate Gosselin do this? Because it’s what she thought the fans wanted, and that’s all Kate cares about. Well that and the fact that she’s a be-atch.

Jon meanwhile tried to play the role of the loving father who was so hard done by and who  played the part of the victim in the whole thing. I guess he’s hoping that we have forgotten that part of the reason his marriage is falling apart is because he’s cheated on his wife several times. He also claimed to be ‘excited’ about the change which, in my opinion, is just bad taste. I realize that they’re doing this because it will be for the better and will bring ‘peace’ but I don’t think you need to say that you’re happy about it the day you file divorce papers. This is someone that you once were madly in love with and someone that you’ve been married to for 10 years AND please, let’s not forget those 8 children you share. If you can’t be a little more sad than happy the day that ends, you’ve got problems.

Also throughout the show it was sort of an unknown as to what the future of the show would be. Jon had said that ‘obviously’ his role in the show would be lessened. And Kate, while dabbing her tears away over the thought of her marriage that’s in ruins, bravely declared, ‘The show must go on!’ Of course it must. How else is that woman supposed to get paid? But from these two comments, it was sort of assumed that the show reallywould go on.

But not so much. It seems that some big-wig over at TLC woke up today and realized that running a show about a broken family with unimaginable burdens is just in poor taste and so, the show has been put on hiatus until August. Most people voicing in on the issue seem to think that even then the show won’t be the same and it’s just a matter of time before we’ve forgotten about who Jon and Kate Gosselin are. For the sake of their children, I can only hope that’s sooner rather than later.

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