Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick are Parents Again!

The much anticipated birth of the twin girls of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick has finally happened! The twin baby girls were born in Ohio, presumably early today or yesterday, although the Daily Mail doesn’t specify. We do know however, that everyone is doing well and that the Parker/Broderick clan are thrilled to finally […]

Chris Brown gets his Slap on the Wrist

The world waited with bated breath yesterday as Rihanna was set to testify against Chris Brown in the incident that left her battered, bloodied, and bruised in January. Speculations were made on what would happen and it turns out that Rihanna never ended uptestifying at all. I guess Chris realized that he wasn’t going to […]

The Jon and Kate Saga will Soon be Over

The world knows by now that on last night’s show, Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they were getting a divorce. They explained to all of their fans how the living arrangements would work and what the schedules would be like. And as I sat there watching it, I couldn’t help but hope that the […]