Jennifer Garner Proves she can be Tough

Ever since her run on Alias, Jennifer Garner has proven herself to be somewhat of a girly-girl. Call it motherhood or just her own sweet personality, this Jen is mostly known for being soft-spoken, loving Martha Stewart, and concerning herself most with being a domesticated wife and mother. All good, until you start talkin trash […]

Jess and Cash Celebrate Dad’s Day

There were many stars out and about this weekend enjoying some special Dad-time and Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were no different. Jessica Alba was no doubt also celebrating thefact that neither Oklahoma City or the United Way are pressing charges after she put up some shark posters. Last week Alba plastered a United Way […]

Rihanna Will Take the Stand Today

Rihanna is most likely going to take the stand today to tell the L.A. courts what really happened the night that Chris Brown beat her in January. Unfortunately, this testimony probably won’t lock Brown up for good like he deserves but it will determine whether or not the case is to go to trial, which […]

Matthew and Camila will be Parents Again!

Matthew McConaughey sure had a busy Father’s Day yesterday. Not only was it the first time he celebrated it as a dad with his 11-month old son, Levi, he also announced that his girlfriend, Camila Alves is pregnant again with their second child. Man, talk about getting right back to work. I can’t imagine how […]