Jon and Kate are Getting a Divorce

Okay, so the announcement hasn’t been officially made yet. But, Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce, I’m pretty sure. Not only has their marriage and lives been total crap lately but the ratings on their show have also dropped considerably. So I really think that TLC told them that the show was going to be nixed and that neither Jon or Kate saw the point of going through the charade any more. Who knows if this is really the way things happened but they probably are, most likely, getting a divorce.

This suspicion comes from a preview TLC is running in promotion for Monday’s show. Yes, leave it to Jon and Kate to use their divorce as a promotion for the show. Now, because there’s an entire season left, I would guess that the announcement will be of some sort of separation. Then at the end of the year it will come out that they just can’t seem to work things out and are getting a divorce. They have to hang on to whatever last shreds of that show there are, ya know. Please. This was Kate’s voiceover in the commercial from TLC.

“Jon and I have recently made some decisions. These are life-changing decisions that will affect every single member of this family. And they are decisions that we hope will bring us both some peace.”

Yep, sounds like divorce court to me. And you just know that the “peace” Kate is talking about is the big bucks she’s going to walk away with. Even if everything is split 50/50, she’s still getting a good chunk of change from this. And Jon really I think could care less about the money as long as he has enough to provide for his kids and screw whatever he sees. So, I guess that’s the end of Jon and Kate. Both in marriage and in television. Unless Kate can manage to cut a deal for Jon and Kate: Minus the Marriage. But I don’t think even she will be able to swing that one.

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