Wow, I Actually Agree with Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has gotten a lot of bad press lately. She’s been called everything from a boozehound to a money hound and everything, including a bad mother, in between. But now apparently she is also abusive. Here’s the situation: Kate was outside playing with her kids a few days ago. While they were outside Kate was talking on the phone and Leah, one of the little ones, blew a whistle. Her mother told her to stop, she didn’t, she got a swat on the bum. In front of -gasp! – the paparazzi. So now the question is, did Kate discipline her daughter, or did she beat her?

Kate has spoken out about this particular incident, even though she’s chosen to ignore much of the other nonsense and actual fact. And I have to say, I am nothing but in complete agreement with what she says. It also shows to me some of the old Kate that her fans once knew. The one that really was only interested in being a good mother. From Life & Style,

“In response to the recent controversy centered around photographs of Kate Gosselin publicly spanking her daughter Leah, the John & Kate Plus 8 star tells Life & Style exclusively through her reps:

“Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

I would have actually lost a little respect forKate (as if I had any left!) if we were to later find out somehow that she’s stopped spanking her kids when the cameras are rolling. She is a mother and whether we like it or not, she is to deem what is best for those children.

And I also don’t think spanking is a huge deal. I think there’s a huge difference between beating your child and disciplining your child when they’ve been outright disobedient. If that discipline comes in the form of a hand to the butt-cheek, so be it if the situation calls for it. All fans of the show know that Kate has a time-out rug and that it is very, very frequently used. She doesn’t beat her kids, she doesn’t even turn to spanking as her first course of action normally. She told her kid to smarten up and she didn’t. So, her kid got the brunt of it. I would have done no differently.

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