The Price of Being a Surrogate

Ever since the news that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were having twin girls via a surrogate, said surrogate has had no privacy. Worse than that, she’s had her home broken into! All so that someone, namely some police chiefs, could get their hands on a recording of Sarah Jessica’s voice leaving personal messages. People never cease to amaze me. From TMZ,

“The burglars allegedly sent to the home of Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate were on the hunt for voice mail messages left by SJP, according to sources.

A law enforcement source tells us cops have hard evidence to prove that the police chiefs under investigation were in on the plot. We’re told the investigation will take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.”

So I’m guessing that it’s the police chiefs that were investigating the original burglary that are now under investigation, although the wording is kind of weird. Whoever it was, I can’t imagine wanting a celebrity’s voice on tape so badly that you would break into a woman’s home to get it. Even if you weren’t a fan, you just saw a cash cow, I can’t imagine wanting anything that badly enough. People are crazy.

I’ll bet that woman, whoever she is, will be more happy than most women giving birth, to finally get those babies out of her and maybe go back to leading a normal life. Hopefully anyways. It won’t be long now! Sarah Jessica’s and Matthew’s little girls are due at the end of the summer!

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