Is Britney Engaged?

So because it’s been two days since the photos were taken of Britney Spears chillin with her kids and her agent/rumored new boyfriend, Jason Trawick, the newest rumor is that Britney and Jason are now engaged. Note that this relationship has not even been confirmed but Trawick has been hanging around Brit quite a bit lately and the two have been rumored to have been together since at least March. Now, could they be spending so much time together because she’s on tour and he’s her agent? Possibly. But the media really seems to have placed him in the role as Britney’s new man and I guess it’s just a waiting game to see if the shoe fits. In the meantime, I suppose we’ll just make up rumors that the two are engaged to be wed.

I know it’s not unlike Britney to just up and get married at the drop of a hat. But I really, really have my doubts on this one. I don’t think she’d get married after only seeing a guy for a few months (now that she’s better), and I really don’t think that she would get married while she’s inthe middle of a tour. But according to Star, and an ‘inside source’, that’s exactly what’s happening. From Pop Crunch,

“Word is Britney Spears is engaged to marry new man Jason Tranwick — who just so happens to be the pop tart’s agent.

Star Magazine Jason popped the question to Brit while they were on vacation in the Bahamas last month.

“He didn’t exactly get down on one knee, but Brit didn’t care. She said yes, and they opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate,” says an insider. “Jason held Britney for a long time and kissed her cheeks. They talked about their future for hours and didn’t go to sleep until after 3 a.m.! They just wanted to be alone together.”

Nope, ya can’t trust those inside sources. This is one rumor that is sure to be proven as just that. We’ll wait until Brit’s camp officially denies it. Last we heard, she was denying that the two were even dating. Well, now that there are picsof them romping on a beach while vacationing together, that one will be hard to deny anyway.

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