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Rihanna has been linked to just about every man she comes in contact with ever since her nasty split with Chris Brown after he beat the crap out of her. We all remember last week when Rihanna had her very awkward and indirect meeting with Brown at a basketball game between the Orlando Magic and the LA Lakers. By indirect, I mean that they were both under the same roof but they sat at opposite sides of the court and RiRi actually tried her best not to run into her former assaulter. But – it turns out that this chance meeting wasn’t the most excitement there was to be had that night.

Rihanna was apparently there not only trying to forget her former love life but also to start a new one. According to another ‘source’, Rihanna wasn’t there to check out some cool hoop moves, she was there to check out Rashard Lewis, superstar for the Orlando team. From Contact Music,

“Rihanna reportedly has a crush on Orlando Magic basketball star Rashard Lewis and is desperate to go on a date with him.

Rihanna is pursuing a basketball star.

The ‘Umbrella’ singer was in the crowd to see Orlando Magic play Los Angeles Lakers last week – as was her ex-lover Chris Brown – and friends claim she watched the game because she has a crush on Orlando player Rashard Lewis.

A source said: “Rihanna is trying to get to know Rashard. She’s digging on him, and she hopes the feeling is mutual.”

The singer was previously linked with Lakers star Andrew Bynum, but Rihanna’s pals insist there is nothing romantic between them.

The source added to the New York Daily News newspaper: “Rihanna and Andrew are just friends, and they have been for a while. It’s Rashard who she wants. She thinks he’s hotter than hot.”

In a bid to avoid Chris – who has been accused of assaulting the singer in February – Rihanna left straight after the game, and spent much of the half-time break in a hospitality lounge.

The ‘Run It’ star reportedly spent much of the game sneaking glances at his former girlfriend, and while she stayed away during the break, he came over to her friends to shake hands.

A source said: “Chris was definitely trying to make the situation less awkward. He was trying to be very grownup, and wanted Rihanna to see that as well.”

So, is this story true? I hope not. Not only would I like to see Rihanna make a go of things on her own for a little while, but it would also make it seem to me that Rihanna is becoming a very desperate woman who will go out with just about anyone. She’s been linked to rappers and other basketball players, and anyone other man that gets within breathing distance of the singer. It just makes me think that she’s looking for something that she’s not going to find in a man. It would be far more empowering I think to see her stand up and make moves of her own – that don’t have anything to do with her love life.

And as far as Chris Brown goes in this whole nonsense? Seriously, he tried to shake hands with her friends and that’s being grown up? I think being grown up is realizing that your girlfriend is a person and not a punching bag. I seriously hope that all attempts to shake hands were dismissed by her friends. I know I’d never shake the hand that was used to beat my friend to pieces.

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