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I think that Kate Gosselin is a lot of things but I really can’t believe some of the things that are being made up about her. Yes, she’s a controlfreak and yes, she’s super mean and rude to her husband. Yes, she thinks she’s queen of the world and yes, she most likely only cares about money. But I do not think that she only gave Jon, her unfaithful husband, $5 a week for an ‘allowance’, as one of the first rumors stated after the story broke that their marriage really was in trouble. And I don’t believe this latest story either about how Kate’s a complete boozehound who beats her children with kitchen utensils.

There are a few reasons why I’m very hesitant to believe any Gosselin news lately. It’s mostly because these stories are getting so ridiculous and it’s also because I find it incredibly suspicious that all of the stories are coming from ex-employees. Anonymous ex-employees. Either these people already have a beef with Kate, which I wouldn’t find hard to believe or they’re just looking for their 15 minutes. Or, someone’s lying. Iknow that’s hard to believe in the celebrity world. But whichever way you look at, this is just one story that I have to laugh at. From the National Enquirer,

“Kate Gosselin is a regular boozer with a hair-trigger temper who has angrily paddled her kids with a kitchen utensil, an ex-staffer for Kate and her estranged husband Jon charges.

In an explosive exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the former employee also reveals that she saw Kate getting cozy with bodyguard Steve Neild, the silver-haired hunk with whom she’s been rumored to be romantically involved.

Just last week, The ENQUIRER reported that pals of Jon, 32, were worried his drinking was out of control. Now the ex-staffer divulges Kate, 34, frequently turned to alcohol to ease the stress of caring for the couple’s 8-year-old twin daughters and 5-year-old sextuplets featured on the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“By the end of the day after the kids were settled, Kate would drink a bottle ofwine by herself. This happened several nights a week,” said the source, who worked with the Gosselins for six months and quit at the end of summer 2008.

“Jon didn’t usually drink with her, and he didn’t seem pleased with it. He’d roll his eyes and tell Kate to put the wine down. She’d answer, ‘Screw you. I’ll do what I want.’ Her frustration with the kids seemed to be taking a toll, and drinking was her outlet.”

Kate was “short-fused and demanding,” according to the source, and while off-camera, she often disciplined the children in a very harsh, sometimes even violent, manner.

“When one of the boys closed a door on another one once, Kate got in their faces and yelled, ‘You tell me the truth about what happened!'” the source recalled.

“The children just stood there, terrified. Then she dragged one of the boys into the bathroom and spanked him five or six times with a large plastic mixing spoon.

“You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show.”

The source also witnessed the growing closeness between Kate and her bodyguard, New Zealand native Steve Neild.

In a surprisingly intimate gesture, “Steve often put his hands on her hips to guide her. He didn’t have to touch her, but he always did, and Kate certainly didn’t object to it,” the source revealed.

“Jon never said anything about it, but then, he never said much about anything.”

I think Jon probably didn’t say anything about it because he was too busy with his own cheating to pay too much attention to his wife’s. Much of this is not surprising news for us as we do all know what Kate is like but I am really doubtful that she ever beat her children or that she was a complete drunk. And if she did have a couple of glasses of wine at night after the kids went tobed? I can’t really say that I blame her. She has 8 of them for heaven’s sake! It will be interesting once again tonight to watch the new episode of Jon and Kate: Plus Eight. I wonder if they’ll address their marriage issues or if we’re still in episodes that were taped back in March, when the charade was still on. Stay tuned…

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