Mercy is Coming to the States!

Madonna’s battle with the Malawian courts over her adoption of Mercy James has finally ended in happiness. The Material Girl was granted permission to adopt the little girl very early this morning and unlike the latest word from Madge’s reps (where they had ‘no knowledge’ of the decision), this was news that was being eagerly anticipated.

I do find Madonna’s response to the news a little weird. No crying or breaking down with emotion. No shouting, “She’s coming home! She’s coming home!” No, the ever-icy Madonna simply says, “Thank heavens.” Mind you, I wasn’t there and I am incredibly biased but it sounds to me like, “Thank heavens I got my way one more time.” Whatever her response though, it certainly is good news for her. From Daily Blabber,

“Great news for Madonna this morning, as the pop icon has a new daughter!

Through all the heartache comes a happy ending for Madge, who has legally won the right to adopt Mercy James, 3, from Malawi.

“It’s the early hours in New York now but my client has been awake all night waiting for this,” Madonna’s Malawi lawyer, Alan Chinula, told

Alan said he called Madonna immediately after the decision was handed down.

“She was ecstatic when I broke the news to her. She said, ‘Thank heavens.’ ”

The lawyer is “now awaiting instructions from New York to start preparing travel arrangements for Mercy. I have to be there for her passports and everything.”

It’s looking like it will be 3-5 days before all the legalities are taken care of and Mercy can join her new family. She will be transported to the U.S. via private jet.”

The good news is that now Mercy is pretty much guaranteed an awesome life. And however I feel about Madonna herself, that really is something very special. Congratulations to Mercy, the rest of the family and, ugh, Madonna.

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