Kelly Rutherford Spawns Again

The star of Gossip Girls, and the woman who I believe is slightly mentally off, Kelly Rutherford, has spawned again. The woman who recently appeared in court with her soon-to-be ex-husband over breast-feeding issues and other nonsense, has just had a baby girl. Oh the joy of having another child to use as a weapon! From Star,

“Kelly Rutherford is now a mother of two.
The Gossip Girl star gave birth to a daughter in Los Angeles on Monday. The little girl — whose name has not been released — joins 2-year-old brother Hermes.

The father of both Kelly’s children, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, was not present for the birth of his daughter, exclusively reports. The actress filed for divorce in January — one month after announcing she was expecting their second child. Since then the couple — who married in 2006 — have been duking it out over custody issues and the rearing of Hermes.

Earlier this year Kelly told Star how she stays so grounded during this challenging time.

“I attribute it to my great love for my child and the one on the way,” she said. “I try to think about my kids and their future. I think about how fortunate I am to have a job in this environment, to be a mother at 40 and have one on the way. I try to think of the things I am grateful for.”

I have no idea how Kelly Rutherford can say that she is ‘grounded.’ Who gets pregnant and then leaves their husband? That might have been a good call before you allowed him to father another one of your children. Now it just drags this baby girl into the whole mess too. And what’s with not attending the birth of your child? I understand that Daniel most likely despises Kelly with every fiber that he has but still, I think some things would be more important than that.

I suppose fairly soon we’ll be seeing Rutherford and her ex, Daniel Giersch, back in court over the breast-feeding and potty training issues that are about to come up with their new little girl. Wait for it. I guarantee we’ll be seeing it happen.

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