A Day in the Life of Paris

Paris Hilton sure is a busy girl. Not even two days ago, she broke up with her boyfriend of 6 months, Doug Reinhardt which in itself, was a bit of a mess. I think the real story there is that Paris got bored and Dougy didn’t want to let go, since he was first telling E! that the two were doing just fine.

But even if Paris’ reps hadn’t confirmed the split shortly after, which they did, Paris herself confirmed it in her usual Paris fashion. She hooked up with the first hottest thing she saw. And this time it happens to be Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer superstar and supposed sex god. I don’t see the latter and I don’t know anything about soccer so I can’t comment on that one. What I can say is that this I don’t think this bed-hopping by Paris will surprise many. And this panty shot? Even less surprising. From Daily Mail,

“Departing Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and socialite Paris Hilton are reportedly enjoying the first flushes of romance.
The perma-tanned Portuguese winger has been celebrating news that he has been snapped up by Real Madrid for the eye-watering sum of £80 million by hitting the town in Los Angeles with the American party queen.
Ronaldo, 24, who is single, ‘hung out’ with the newly-single hotel heiress and her younger sister Nicky at the MyHouse nightclub in LA well into the early hours of Thursday morning.
The trio then carried on partying back at Nicky’s plush home in West Hollywood.
Witnesses at the club claim Ronaldo and Paris – who broke up from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt just 24 hours earlier – were seen talking flirtatiously with one another in a VIP area and used bodyguards to block them from the sight of others. They also swapped numbers.
Several celebrity websites in America claim the pair were intimately kissing.
One witness wrote: ‘[She was] hot and heavy, making out with Cristiano at his table.’

Another reported: ‘They were talking to one another and seemed extremely friendly.’
Paris was last night telling friends they were an item, saying: ‘He’s hot, a real athlete – and the chemistry between us was electric.
‘Cristiano’s much better than my ex. He was nothing but a low-paid minor league baseball player.’
Paris is said to have first made a play for the star this time last year at Hollywood club Villa, but he rejected her advances.
She was determined to get her man this time. And what Paris wants, Paris gets,’ a friend told The Sun. ‘She has been telling anyone who will listen that Ronaldo is the hottest thing she has ever seen.’

Why so shy? Ronaldo ducks as he enters Nicky Hilton’s West Hollwood home
And it seems he’d had a change of heart last night, with the nightclub source saying: ‘As soon as he saw Paris, Cristiano kept staring at her and looking her up and down.
‘He went over to her table to say hi – and appeared to be smitten. The two were flirting and laughing together all night. It was as if no woman but Paris existed in the club.

‘Cristiano told Paris all about his new deal with Real Madrid and they toasted his massive new pay packet with Cristal champagne.’

Ronaldo is said to have run up a bar bill of more than £15,000.

They left at 3am going ostentatiously in separate directions, his entourage in a stretch Hummer and then the Hiltons in a people carrier, but not before Paris was overheard giving directions to someone on her mobile.
Ronaldo then arrived at her home alone in a taxi and hurried quickly inside, before leaving two hours later at 5am.”

I guess it’s even less surprising that Paris would now be knocking Doug’s career and how low-paid he was. Just another classy move on Paris’ part. Although Doug isn’t exactly Mr. Class Act either. Since the split he’s been quoted as saying that he’s tired of the ‘media circus surrounding Paris. Please. When they were together, they both molested each other in front of the cameras and they both ate it up with a spoon. Now it’s a circus. It’s really too bad that Doug and Paris broke up, they were perfectly stupid together. I guess we’ll just have to see how Ronaldo turns out. Although if he’s hooking up with Paris, he can’t be all that bright either.

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