Last Night on Jon and Kate

Last night saw the 100th episode of Jon and Kate: Plus Eight and while it should have been an event to be celebrated, it probably would have been more so if this was still the happy, big family that we all first started watching. Last night’s episode was actually kind of sweet and charming with Emeril Lagasse making his appearance to show Kate and Jon some new recipes as well as talk to parents of large families how to cook on a budget. But none of us tuned in to see the famous chef or to hear his tips. No offense, Emeril, but we want the dirt!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get much. Keep in mind that the episode was filmed back in March and so Jon and Kate were both still trying to put up the charade that everything was hunky dory in their marriage. Kate did still do her usual belittling to Jon when she joked that he didn’t know where the stove was and when Emeril asked if Jon could cook, Kate replied bitchily, “Not so much.” I hate to tell you, Kate, but I’ve seen the stuff you make on that show and it’s not exactly gourmet either. 

Poor Emeril even tried to step in and offer the guy a helping hand by telling his crazy wife to shut her mouth (of course he said it nicely.) But to this Kate responded by hitting Emeril with a spatula. Of course, none of this sounds like anything that could wreck a marriage but really, when you have to live with it day in and day out, it really does add up. 

The thing that I liked most about last night’s episode was that it seemed that once again, the focus was on the kids. Emeril did cute things with them by having them snap the ends off beans and really got them involved. It really gave the viewers a chance to remember why they liked the show to begin with.

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