Is Madonna Adopting Mercy or Not?

Well, well, well. This comes as an unpleasant surprise to me. It seems that Madonna has earned her way into the hearts of the Malawian government after all. Reports are now coming out that Malawi couldn’t just stick to their guns and give Madonna the big N-O once and for all. After her application to adopt Mercy James was denied, Madonna of course appealed the decision. And while we’re all sitting and waiting with baited breath to hear that she is officially not going to be able to adopt, it seems that they are considering overturning the original ruling. Why, you ask? Apparently, Madonna threw some money at the problem and it went away. 

However, Madonna’s reps are denying that there has been any ruling yet. True, there hasn’t been but according to the Daily Mail, that’s not to happen until next Sunday anyway. From the Daily Mail,

“Madonna will be allowed to adopt Malawian toddler Mercy James, three, after all.
Three Malawian appeal court judges will reverse the original verdict, blocking the singer’s bid in March, her lawyer said.

Alan Chinula passed on the news after persuading two of the three appeal judges to alter their decisions.
Madonna’s adoption application was originally rejected because she had not lived in the east African state for 18 months, as required – a ruling which her lawyer argued was out of date.
Madonna, 50, is now said to have the backing of two of the judges with the third set to agree.

The official ruling will be announced next Sunday at Malawi’s Supreme Court of Appeal.”

According to some other stories that I’ve read regarding the subject, the government is considering allowing the adoption because Madge has poured so much money into a daycare center over there. I’m sorry, what? Does that actually have anything to do with her adoption or Mercy James directly? Well, not unless Mercy James is going to stay in her own country, I guess. However, Madonna’s reps have a different story and apparently, the pop queen has no idea that she’s about to become a new mommy. From Pop Crunch,

“Publicist for pop star Madonna has released a statement responding to that early morning reports claiming African courts have decided to allow the singer to adopt Mercy James, a four-year-old orphan from Malawi.

“Madonna has not been informed that a ruling has been made,” says her rep.”

Yes, a very vague statement indeed. Could Madonna really be trying to stay out of the spotlight on this one? It would probably be a good idea since Malawi has given her a hard time already. Or is all of this going back and forth just Madonna’s way of showing us that she’s still the queen of the media reports as well? I’m not too sure. I guess we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see. I hope she doesn’t get the adoption though. I really, really hope not.

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