What is it with Angelina Anyway?

Harper’s Bazaar must be running out of material to print because they’ve issued an article investigating why we’re so interested in Angelina Jolie. I have to admit that when I first saw this article, I groaned because really, don’t Angelina and Brad really toot their own horns enough that we shouldn’t have to do it for them? But alas, always a glutton for punishment, I read on. Imagine my surprise when I was tickled to find that the writer apparently thinks we’re all so ‘fascinated’ by her because she’s married to Brad Pitt! Ha! What a slap in the face! A person that is supposed to be so powerful, so empowered, and so independent, is fascinating to us because of the man she stands beside!!! I absolutely love it! Of course there are other reasons listed as well but I’m choosing to focus on that one. From Daily Blabber,

“The new issue of Harper’s Bazaar is delving into our psyches to try and uncover why we, as a society, are so obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Here’s what writer Naomi Wolf came up with:

– She’s got Brad! “She took for her own pleasure the male seen as the most desired of the tribe,” the author writes. “Brad Pitt, who is always ranked at the top of indexes of male beauty and virility.”

– She’s got kids! “Jolie revealed a new, and fairly radical, vision of single motherhood that made the relationship seem tender, glamorous, and complete.

– She can fly. “Flying a private plane is the classic metaphor for choosing your own direction. Usually, that is a guy thing to do, yet there was Jolie, with her aviator glasses on, taking flying lessons so she could blow the mind of her four-year-old son.”

As for the reason that she has kids, I’m sorry, I’m not buying it. Firstly, I don’t agree that Angie portrayed this wonderful and modern vision of a single mother. Anyone who didn’t realize that she had nannies and maids cleaning up poop and barf hasn’t thought things all the way through and I really don’t think that she’s turned the vision of motherhood into this new and contemporary thing. I think that the world was shocked when crazy, blood vial wearing, knife throwing, Angelina Jolie became a mom and tried to portray herself as some saintly woman who was put on this earth for maternal duties. But I don’t think it had anything to do with changing people’s views of motherhood. If that’s what it was supposed to do, it missed the mark with me. 

And as for flying a plane? Okay, that is pretty cool.

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