Lohan Creates More Drama in her Life

If there’s one person in this world who doesn’t need more drama in her life, you would think, or hope, that it would be Lindsay Lohan. But Lilo has been very busy the past week chasing Samantha Ronson all over the UK while pretending to be there for a photo shoot. Of course, this sent the rumor mill totally abuzz with word that the two were formally reunited. Lindsay is always one to glob up as much attention as she can and the case is no different here. 

First, she went to great lengths to not be seen with Sam at the airport. I’m thinking these ‘great lengths’ was actually just not calling the paparazzi to tell them ahead of time that they would be there. I think this because apparently, she made a good show of not being photographed with Sam but gave up once she actually saw the cameras. And then, she promptly posted on her Twitter page that she had been with Sam in the UK and that she may soon make an announcement. All of this of course, is simply to keep us talking about her just in case we forgot about her for half a second. And it seems to be working. From Contact Music,

“LINDSAY LOHAN looks set to announce she and SAMANTHA RONSON are a couple again – after they flew home from the U.K. together.
The Mean Girls actress and DJ Ronson spent days avoiding photographers during their trip to London last week (begs01Jun09) as rumours grew that the romance is back on.
But Lohan appears to have finally given up trying to keep the news secret – telling fans Ronson is her “favourite travel buddy” and hinting that an announcement is imminent.
The pair were spotted checking in at London’s Heathrow Airport for their flight to Los Angeles on Monday (08Jun09) after daysof giving snappers the runaround.
They arrived at the terminal separately, with Lohan hiding her face behind a blue folder as she headed inside. The pair then stood some distance apart as they waited at a check-in desk – with security men trying to foil attempts to photograph the couple.
But eventually Lohan realised their secret was out – and posted on her Twitter.com page as the pair waited for take-off, dropping a huge hint about their relationship.
She wrote, “Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!!-travel buddy & great news to share!! Maybe….”

I have given up on these two. I don’t really care if they’re back together or not or if Lilo is showing up at Sam’s door in one of her crazy fits. The way I see it, Lindsay is desperately trying to hang onto the one person that will put up with all of her crap. And if Sam is stupid enough to be thatperson, then I think that she deserves all the horse crap that Lindsay throws her way.

What I mostly don’t understand about all of this is why Lindsay keeps trying to tease us with these stupid little ‘maybe, maybe not’ updates. She’s said before that all she wants is to stop being placed under this microscope and that she wishes people would stop judging her. And so now in order to remedy that, Lindsay keeps us guessing and talking about her? I just don’t get it.

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