Britney Has Naked Pics

Well, it seems that Britney’s breakdown constituted more than just simply her shaving her head, locking herself into a bathroom with her son and getting mixed up in the wrong sort of people. While she was making all of these mistakes, there’s one more that until very recently has been buried – Britney got topless and allowed someone (probably that rotten Adnan Ghalib or Sam Lutfi) to take pictures of her while she did it! The photos were taken while she was making her video of ‘Gimme More‘ and they are now available to the public. 

I don’t even know if we can call these photos ‘leaked’ since they were taken to be meant to be an actual part of the sexy video but they ended up being a little too sexy and never found their way into the video. Want to hear the really disturbing part? Her father, Jamie Spears, the one who is supposed to be making sure that she doesn’t do foolish things? Well it seems that he might have been there the entire time! Apparently, you can see a ‘dark figure’ in the room who’s thought to be Jamie Spears! Way to make sure that she’s staying right on top of things! I guess the pics were taken in 2007, which would place it before Brit’s breakdown peaked. But still, who wants to take their top off in front of their dad and who wants to watch their daughter dance around topless on a stripper’s pole? Eeewwww!!!!! From,

“BRITNEY Spears leaves nothing to the imagination during a raunchy video for her song Gimme More.

The 27-year-old former pop princess, who relaunched her career last year with a new album and tour, writhes around in a sexy pole-dance, covering her exposed breasts with fake tattoos, reports The News of the World newspaper in the UK.

Spears’ world tour is now in the UK. She’s played gigs in London, Manchester and Dublin.

Click here to see the topless pictures. Warning the images are explicit and did not make the original video cut.

Britney writhes around in a pole-dance, covering her breasts with fake rose tattoos.

The pop icon has reportedly been hitting the tourist trail with her sons, helped by ex Kevin Federline, in between her acclaimed gigs at London’s 02.

Meanwhile, in a number of photos released by Britney’s management recently, a heavy-set older man can be seen hovering in the background.

That’s her father, Jamie Spears, who has taken complete legal control of her life.

Under the terms of the conservatorship, all Britney’s spending has to be approved by her father, all her phone calls and texts are monitored, she can see only friends approved by her father and she is not allowed to drive a car.

She is under 24-hour watch — not only by Jamie, who seldom lets her out of his sight, but by her manager, Larry Rudolph, and a team of doctors, psychiatrists, child-welfare officers and bodyguards.

According to some reports, Jamie even checks whether she is wearing underwear when she goes out in public.”

I would like to just say one more time that I think it’s ridiculous that Jamie Spears is in such control of his daughter. Is all of that still really necessary? And do you really need to make sure that she’s wearing panties? God, if she’s such a mess still she should be in a facility receiving round the clock care. But I guess then she couldn’t make all of those millions for him.

I wasn’t even going to run this story because I love Britney (really, I do!) and I think that particularly awful time in her life is over and she should be allowed to move past it. But alas, for all of those who want to mock her, here’s another chance….

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#1 Bobby Ewing on 06.07.09 at 1:23 pm

Well she is nasty. Does anyone really want to look at her suckle teats? Come on – this Britney Spears SwampHog chick is such a pig. But surely someone is turned on by them so here are the uncensored ones

watercooler dot jlaforums dot com

BLECH – what a mess

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