Mel Gibson Wants a DNA Test

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#1 Ocean Wings on 06.05.09 at 5:34 pm

Yes exactly!
I am darn happy that someone – finaly – had enough brain to see that through!
“to make Mel Gibson look stupid!” cause thats the case!
And now my next question: Who had a vested interest in having Mel looking bad and her looking good?
Because what that article does is to suggest that Mel Gibson “love her” “say our sources” but was forced to do so by others, while he dont even question the paternity.. yeah say that to an idiot born this morning..

I think that it is Oksana Grigorieva who planted that story, and to do so in a way that will be advantageous to her, she had to come first.
That way any other tabloid or newspaper or Media, reporting about the DNA test, will have to refer to the article of the National Enquirer that SHE planted, and the way she made it sound!
Only its not the first time that she planted a story and its not the first time that she made Mel Gibson looks realy bad, and her very good..
It is her signature.

In that article, its presented as if not being Mels choice.. and in the one that she planted in People magazin, about her not seeing Mel and not living with him she presented it as not being his choice, but HERS To “protect her son” protect him from what?
oh it came quiet fast 2 days later when the National Enquirer (again??!!) printed that she was CRAVING that Mel Gibson go into rehab “or else!” .. LOL or else what? She say goodbye to the millions? she didn’t really expected anybody to beleive that, did she?

Making her looks good, as the good mum protecting her kids and the good wife ..protecting Mel from his demons.. AW! how sweet!

Saying that she was meeting Mel “after working hours” (BAHAHAHAH!) ” at his office at Icon production” !! WOW! LOL as if Mel Gibson had workings hours and was everyday at his office! what a bunch of crap!

The truth being that they never see each others!.
But if another mag had came with that truth first, they wil have presented it differently, telling that they weren’t living together meaning that there was no romance at all between them, and that the duo was over!
But by coming first with the story she made sure that anybody mentioning their split, will also have to refer to the article that she planted in the People mag with HER version of the story! Where it wasnt a split, oh no! but a momnetan separation from her own choice. Hmmm..
Very smart!

But here too with her oh so visible signature:
Her looking good and Mel looking bad..
very bad.
What is she after?
To give Mel Gibson bad conscience and destroy his selfestime. But why? because it make it easier for her to can manipulate him when he is feeling bad. And when he is low, he is depress and when he is depress, she knows it to have tried it before, .. he drinks! WOW! How Smart! and when he drinks well she can do whatever she want.
And there is also that dedtail in the National Enquirer article that the DNA test will be done AFTER THE BIRTH OF THE CHILD”.. Oh, is that so?
I dont think so Oksana..
But poor paysan Oksana do not know that science has make progress since a very long time and that it is now possible to test the aminiotic fluid and determine the origine of the child from the 5th month of pregnancy..
She didnt knew!
Thats her signature too, because Mel Gibson is of course interested to have the fatherhood determined here and now! and not in 4-5 months when the divorce will be over! The sooner the better it will be.

And Mel Gibson doubt deeply, and since a month already, to be the father of that child, and thats why he is anxious to have it done fast!
But thats the kind of things she isnt keen to have leaking out in the press cause it will make her looks bad and make Mel look much better..

So not only she isnt satisfied with stealing his money and his family, she also want to destroy the guys image as much as possible, and as much more than necessary, just for her own pleasure!
Maybe to make him even more depending on her, since he do not have his kids nor wife to run to now!

Knowing that the child (if any) is not hers, and that her time in the limelight is counted.. Which also explain why she is trying to grab money from left and right lawsuits as fast as she can!
All paid by Mel Gibson! and with such an oncoming bank account as MG’s, no lawyer will say no to accord her their services and helping her to sue anybody and everybody. But after the DNA test that could be another story….
Very Smart.

She lived in England for 15 years, The Sun and The National Enquirer are also tabloids from England, and she contacted both to say that she was pregnant.
it is also the National Enquiere who last year in late 2008 printed that story that Mel was about to divorce his wife and i am very sure that its her who planted that story back then because only Mel and Robyn could have known abotut it.. and Oksana to whom he had told it, and the necessity for Mel and oksana to split at that time already.
She was, already then , trying to force the split between Mel and his wife Robn, by planting stories in the paper!That must have make Mel furious that this came out, and thinking it was his wife who had told it to someone else..
While it was her all along..
Very smart!

The sun printed a story aroudn the 20th of april that “”she had been seen in the garden talking on a cellphone with what looks like a baby bump under her pink shirt” hmm
They didnt said what home nor where only in what state! CA! anddint came with any pictures. AGAIN it was that laconic “a friend of.the family/oksana/Mel.. in that case a friend of oksana.. but that was hyper thin.

Mel announced ther pregnancy to his family AFTER that, and that epsiofde of the announcement ot hte family, mum and kids, was also in the paper, a week later, in … The National Enquierer! That Mel Gibson had told his family “at the end of april” that she was pregy.. and the 29th of april he was showing in public with her based on a lie that she started in the Sun newspaper..

So he read it there, ask her if it was true, she had planted it in The Sun so she said yes its true, even it wasn’t, so Mel hurry to announce it to his family before they read it in the news, and she told the Enquirer that he told his family and how they reacted, and they print it, he take it as a confirmation of her pregnancy, as it was saying that it was comigng from “her friends” and the 7th of may the National Enquierer reprinted that same story, that he took as a confirmation of he pregnancy, and the 18th of may TNZ reprinted that story like if it was new, this time adding that David Foster had been, and still was, oksana’s lover, and had also bought her a house in Santa Monica, CA where she was still living until recently..

Then Mel was on Jay Leno putting up an act, but mentioning her octomum look, and the maybe human progeniture, then came the story in People mag that they weren’t living together, a day later, but that it was her choice and not his, “for her son”.. but that she wanted her son to bond with Mel (bond like in “James Bond”?) and 2 days later came the story in the National Enquierer that she was threatening to leave him if he wasn’t to go to rehab, then came her lawsuits things for stripping on a piano (obviously the alone thing she can do with a piano) and the domaine name (better than her website where she is pictured with both legs naked put above her head in a very suggesting position together with a list of her mesurements for waist and boobs and ass and shoes size and dress size, all very suggesting and its runed by her actual agent, Victor, as a website to advertise for her, the oficial one, existing since a couple of years) and then come the new edition of the Enquierer with the DNA test that Mel was so stupid to never think about and that other suggested him to do, but against his will, of course, and after the birth..
Hmm , yeah.

It sounds like she planted them all, and orchestrated them all and received some good money from those mag to plant those stories who served and keep serving her so well.

The problem is that Mel Gibson thougth of testing her since a long while and was very suspicious since long, but had to wait that she was on her 5th month to can do so, which should be soon.. if we are to beleive.. the National Enquirer own dates!
Because she was flat and skinny at the Wolverine premiere and not looking like a 3 month pregnancy, who should show even more, on such a flat landscape, and as far as i know we dont have seen a single pic of her since.
So is she pregy or was/is it an hoax?

A DNA test can reveal plenty, also a faked pregnancy.
And it could be what we have here.
She isn’t living in Sherman Oaks (hoax?) since april, and she isnt living with Mel Gibson, so i have reasons to beleive that she might be living in the house that David Foster bought for her in Santa Monica.
(Her plan A or B???)

I think that she is digging her own grave, because with all the trouble she is making for anyone trying to get her name out there, nobody is ever going to do so again nor to want to be her manager.. and she isn’t exactly creating a public for herself..
Maybe she counted (and still does) on a DNA test performed AFTER birth, and since her contract with Mel Gibson say that she is entitled to receive 10 million dollars from the moment the kid is born and doesn’t stipulate that a DNA test had first to be performed, nor that the 10 Millions plus lifelong tuition and pocket money, were depending on who was the father, nor that it had to be Mel, she dont care! its already in the pocket for her!
Lets hope now that this contract can be changed and that the DNA part and paternity results can be added as a condition.
I will say its not the kid that is a problem thats the mother.. Cause she isn’t someone anyone could wish to have hanging around you for the rest of your life..
Thats a nightmare!
I dont know if she is a psychopath, since she is acting as one, even in her way to get attention, nor if she is clinicaly insane, but she really act as one, and since years now.
All what she did was negative and destructive of other people’s life.
Music Producer, David Foster is in the middle of a divorce because of her, so is Mel Gibson, and she is systematicaly destroying his name, life, family, reputation and career.
And all that for what? Her own sick plans and own advantages.
She doesn’t even seems to be bothered by it all, nor to care the least.
It will be funny when the next news will be “there is no bunny in the owen” or “the bunny’s daddy is Foster”..

This soap is getting wings.

And itt better do, ’cause we dont want Mel Gibson to end his life in a living hell.

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