An Update on the Weirdest Love Triangle Ever

Okay, maybe not the weirdest ever. I think that title will always go to the Moore/Kushton/Willis bunch but this one’s pretty screwed up too. Kate Hudson has dated just about everybody in Hollywood, as has Madonna. Madonna started seeing Alex Rodriguez while she was still married to Guy Ritchie. Then Kate Hudson expressed interest in Rodriguez while he was still seeing Madonna. Madonna has since moved on and is now seeing someone who really has nothing to do with the triangle and Kate and A-Rod are now perfectly happy. Confused? Welcome to Hollywood. 

Well Kate and A-Rod are perfectly happy and, unlike so many other of Kate’s fleeting relationships, this one seems to be ‘something serious.’ However ‘something serious’ seems to only constitute introducing each other to friends, traveling together, and staying in the same hotel…where *gasp* they also worked out together. I’m sorry, don’t two people who are sleeping together usually stay in the same hotel? It seems only common sense to me. From the Daily Blabber,

“After spending some time together last month in NYC, sources say that Kate Hudson and Yankee Alex Rodriguez are not just a flash in the pan.

“It’s somewhat serious,” an insider told “He introduced her to a bunch of his friends.”

Kate’s even gone on the road with him! She took son Ryder to Dallas for the Yankees’ three-game stint against the Rangers last month. They stayed in the same hotel as A-Rod, where the new couple “worked out together in the fitness center.”

For one of the games, a source said, Kate “stayed behind and watched the game from the hotel,” but sent Ryder to the stadium with a nanny. “She remarked several times about what a big baseball fan she is!”

Not that I doubt the two are serious but, I don’t think that you can go on these things alone. She said she was a huge baseball fan and so she’s in love? I don’t see how that works. I’m not buying this story and even if it’s true, I don’t know why it’s so news-worthy. Maybe just because it’s Kate Hudson and so hard to believe?

This pic is from Star and was taken at one of Alex’s games that she attended on the 3-day road trip that she took. I must say, she looks pretty happy cheering on her man!

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