Sam and Lilo are Back to Their Old Tricks

On again, off again, who can keep up with these two? I, along with the rest of the world I think, was really hoping that when Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson broke it off early this year, it was finally, once and for all, over. Finito. Forever. But sadly that is not the case. Not only have the two been seen together and seen sneaking out of each other’s homes (*ahem* Lindsay) but now it seems that Lindsay hasn’t learned a thing and is now ‘stalking’ Samantha in London.

Now, I’ve read this story through several times and although it does sound like the psycho-Lilo that we all know and are wary of, it doesn’t sound as though any kind of stalking is going on. It sounds very much as though Sam is enjoying Lindsay’s company although maybe not so much during the wee hours of the morn when Lindsay had her scary face on. From OK Magazine,

“In the seemingly neverending saga that is the relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, the latest news finds the on-off-on-off-on couple apparently back in “on” mode, after spending the night together at a London nightclub on Wednedsday.

Both LiLo and Sam, along with Ronson’s brother, record producer and musician Mark Ronson, were at the exclusive Bungalow 8 nightclub on Wednesday evening. And while Linds didn’t leave the club with her semi-former flame and her bro, she did follow them out the door only minutes later.

“Lindsay was in good spirits,” one witness outside the club tells OK!. “she was smiling and blowing kisses to the paparazzi.”

It was an entirely differently Lindsay who showed up at Samantha’s hotel room around 2:30am last night. Gone were the blown smooches, replaced by scowls and a stiff-armed bodyguard.”

So how does stalking come into it? Celebitchy has an interesting viewpoint that suggests Lindsay planned this trip across the pond specifically so that she can hunt down her woman! From Celebitchy,

“Is Lindsay Lohan stalking Samantha Ronson?
Lindsay is in London right now… as is Samantha, and Sam’s brother Mark. Apparently, Lindsay made sure to schedule a photo shoot in London when she knew Sam would be there. Now Lindsay has been following Sam around the greater London area for the better part of two days.”

I’m thinking a big ‘no’ on the stalking and a big ‘yes’ on the still crazy. Lindsay no doubt planned the photo shoot at the same time and Sam no doubt knew about the entire thing. As far as showing up at Sam’s door looking fit to be tied? Well, what can I say? If you get to close to Lindsay, you can expect to get burned. Sam should know better and I believe that she does but she obviously can’t live without the drama either.

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