Christina Ricci Breaks off Her Engagement

Aw, well this is a very sad story. Christina Ricci, who announced her engagement to Owen Benjamin in March has now called off the engagement, says a friend of Christina and Owen. We don’t know who broke up with whom just yet but as always, details always seem to get leaked so maybe we’ll be given the […]

Living off the Gosselin’s Fame

Jon and Kate Gosselin have appeared on the cover of just about every magazine, newspaper and tabloid across the country and it seems that just as with all celebrities, these two have their very own people from ‘back when’ that now want to glob onto their 15 minutes of fame. It started with Deanna Hummel’s brother, who […]

Yep, He Got Me

I am one of what I’m hoping is many that was fooled by the prank that Sacha Baron Cohen played on Eminem at the MTV Awards on Sunday. What looked like a lame attempt to humiliate Em and a subsequent beating to Cohen by Em’s bodyguards and a further subsequent storming out of the awards by Slim Shady himself, was all […]