My Commentary on Last Night’s Jon and Kate

Last night’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight was very weird to watch. It was filmed in March over Kate’s birthday but Jon was in Utah learning how to ski with children suffering from disabilities. Of course it came out today that Jon’s mistress, Deanna Hummel, was also there skiing with him but viewers didn’t know that watching the show. So, what did I think watching the show?

Well keep in mind it was filmed in March so the news hadn’t yet broken that their marriage was completely falling apart. It did seem though that both Jon and Kate were pretty unhappy people. Kate talked about how ‘it was sad’ that she had to bake her own birthday cake but she does it every year.Sooo…why does she do it? Can she not buy herself a cake? I realize it’s still not the same as someone thinking about you enough to buy you or bake you a cake themselves but it’s still a lot less pathetic than actually baking your own cake. 

In the second half hour episode Kate took Mady to San Diego while Jon stayed at home with the other 7 children. Even during the trip, even though you could tell Kate was happy, it was in a sad kind of way. She was obviously wondering what the future held and knew that she needed time to clear her head as she said to the camera, “It was nice. Right, Mady? Some good girl time.” Kate actually seemed sort of vulnerable and like a normal person here and if I didn’t know better, I might have actually felt a tiny bit sorry for her.

And of course, Jon played a part in both episodes as well. During the first episode he went to the National Ability Center in Utah where he learned about getting active with disabled kids. He also talked a lot about his dad, his love for snowboarding, and how it made him feel ‘free.’ He said that he just put on his helmet, went down the hill and no one knew who he was. You could almost feel the resentment pouring out of the television screen. 

During the second episode while it was Kate this time that was away, Jon busied himself with putting up the swing set and taking care of the 7 kids while Kate was in San Diego with Mady. Here it was fairly normal childcare routine type stuff although Jon mentioned several, several, several times how hard it is to take care of so many kids by yourself. Which I have no doubt it is but come on. Kate did it every day while he went to work before they were uber-famous. If I have to take a side in this whole thing, it would probably be on the side of Jon but I hope this whole pity party thing of his doesn’t last for too long or I may just have to change my mind on that one. 

All in all, you could tell that they were both pretty unhappy. And as to whether or not it’s affecting the kids? Well when Kate and Mady were at the spa, Mady asked Kate if she was happy, which seems pretty telling to me. However, it all still seemed as though the show will go on and everyone’sgoing to try and pretend as much as possible that nothing has changed. Unfortunately for them, I don’t think the fans are going to buy it.

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