Is it Funny or Just Stupid?

This story has nothing to do with love, relationships, or scandal but I feel it’s necessary to post because of my own personal love for Eminem and from reading other blogs and stories, someone must stand up for the guy and say that this is just not funny.

Eminem is doing crazy promotion right now for his new album Relapse and part of that promotion was performing at the MTV Awards last night. Unfortunately, both his mere presence and his amazing melody of some of his very best songs including the new We Made You and Crack a Bottle, were overshadowed by one of ‘jokester’ Sacha Baron Cohen’s pranks – one that’s sure to be among his most famous yet. The victim was Eminem, who sat minding his own business in his seat, reveling in his own amazing-ness. However, the brilliant rapper didn’t remain there for long as Slim Shady was not amused with the prank and he minutes later stormed out of the show. The Daily Mail, who has the best play-by-play pictures that I’ve been able to find online of the incident, also has the full story. From The Daily Mail,

“Furious Eminem stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards after finding serial prankster Sacha Baron Cohen’s bare buttocks just inches from his face.
The rapper was left fuming when Cohen – as his flamboyant fashionista alter-ego Bruno – descended from above dressed as an angel in a thong and landed head first right in his lap.
The 36-year-old looked disgusted by the surprise stunt but sat powerless with Cohen, 37, on top of him before his bodyguards came to his aid.
The burly minders pushed Cohen – still suspended from wires – off Eminem before the rap superstar got out of his seat and stormed away.
But Eminem did not appear to see the funny side, raging: ‘Are you serious? Are you f***ing serious?’ as he struggled to get Cohen off him.

Cohen’s character Bruno was supposed to be presenting the award for Best Male Performance.
But as the audience waited for him to walk out on stage, he suddenly appeared high above the auditorium suspended on wires.

As he was lowered down, he appeared to get into difficulties, spinning upside down as he wailed: ‘Argh, scheisse! Argh! My kugelsack! My kugelsack!

‘The wire is trapped round! Help me! Let me down! One of the wires is trapped around my kugelsack!.
The camera cut to a concerned-looking Eminem – who had earlier performed at the ceremony – gazing upwards as he slowly seemed to realise Cohen was coming straight down above his seat.
One of the feathers from Cohen’s outrageous outfit fluttered down in front of the rapper’s face just moments before Cohen himself touched down.

Shameless Cohen continued to crack jokes even as he was manhandled by Eminem’s bodyguards.

He told them: ‘Hey, don’t touch me guys! I already have a boyfriend. Hey guys, let’s continue this in my hotel room.’

As Eminem got up to leave, Cohen mocked: ‘Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?’
The stunt brought the house down as it occurred on live TV during the irreverent awards, where Baron Cohen appeared as a presenter to promote his new movie.
But it was unclear if the incident – which was included in the show’s rehearsals without the rapper present – was just a well-scripted stunt.
Baron Cohen’s publicist, Matthew Labov, had no comment after the show.

And a spokeswoman for MTV would not confirm whether Eminem was caught by surprise, and representatives for the rapper did not immediately return requests for comment.”

I realize that Eminem is one of the very last people who should be offended if someone wants to poke a little bit of fun at him. I mean, there wasn’t a celebrity who was safe in his lyrics for We Made You and if he didn’t hit them in that song, he’s sure to have done it in the past or is soon to do it in the future. BUT. There’s a huge difference between taking verbal shots at someone and making them eat your butt crack sandwich. Eminem may have shown us his ass many times before in videos and candid performances but never once has he made us smell it or taste it. 

I don’t blame Eminem for walking out. If MTV is going to claim ignorance on this one, I hope they realize the world will know they’re lying. There’s no way that stunt could have been done without their knowledge and I think it’s fairly obvious that Eminem was not aware of what was going to happen. Real punches were thrown and Eminem was seriously pissed when he walked out. I think it’s awful that MTV would wait until after he performed to pull sucha prank. Eminem was most a huge draw to the awards show last night for many people and using him to help get ratings and then trying to humiliate him just minutes after he’s walked offstage is tasteless. As Eminem’s biggest fan, I must say, this is truly an outrage.

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