Rihanna Retaliates

I’m officially back to hating Rihanna. Remember when she had those nude photos of herself leaked and she cried because it was so unfair to be a celebrity and not be able to take your clothes off without fear of it ending up online? Well once she had wiped away all the ‘poor me’ tears, she […]

Jennifer Hudson is Expecting!

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Hudson is still mourning the loss of her mother, brother and nephew that she suffered last year but this year promises to be one of only beautiful blessings for the young singer. She has not only been busy making wedding plans but it’s also recently been announced that Hudson has recently had […]

Is it Funny or Just Stupid?

This story has nothing to do with love, relationships, or scandal but I feel it’s necessary to post because of my own personal love for Eminem and from reading other blogs and stories, someone must stand up for the guy and say that this is just not funny. Eminem is doing crazy promotion right now for his […]