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Michael Jackson’s Mom Gets Temporary Custody

The question of who will get Michael Jackson’s kids has been quickly, if only temporarily, resolved. The children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, have been being looked after by Michael Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joseph Jackson and Katherine had made a request to the courts that she be granted custody. The courts granted her wish yesterday […]

Bump Watch: Gisele Bundchen

I don’t really know football and I’m not really ‘into’ the world of supermodels so I don’t really know too much about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in their respective careers. But I do know a little bit about them as a couple, and the fact that they are happily awaiting their own little bundle […]

Gene Simmons Thinks Adam Lambert Ruined his Own Career

I understand that everyone thinks that Gene Simmons is some kind of brilliant business man but, I just don’t get it. I don’t get him. Every time Gene Simmons opens his mouth, I’m only reminded of how stupid he is and how he has no idea how the world works. I know, I know. He’s […]

Britney and Her Man Trade Hair Color

Uh oh. Remember the last time we saw Britney dye her hair so that she could stay true to her brunette roots? Yep, that’s right. It was right before she went cuckoo crazy. Once she got back on the road to good health, she dyed her extensions back to the normal blonde that we’re all […]

Vanessa Recoups Quick from Nick

Just days ago I was yawning as I wrote about the breakup between Nick Lachey and his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo. Both of these people had me bored to tears and I couldn’t understand why the media was calling it a ‘high-profile breakup.’ For heaven’s sakes, they’re not Brangelina. But, I may stand corrected. On the […]

Janet Speaks about Michael at the BET Awards

I didn’t watch the BET Awards last night but gathering from what I’ve read in the blogs and online dailies, it was all about Michael, Michael, Michael, as it should have been. It started with Jamie Foxx doing a montage of Michael Jackson moves while dressed in full Michael gear, complete with a red leather […]

A Tweet from Moron Mayer

I hate John Mayer. I mean, I really, really hate John Mayer. I don’t think he’s that talented, I don’t think he’s that good-looking, and I know for damn sure that he’s obnoxious as all hell. Mayer first tried to make his name in the tabloids (because that’s all he really cares about) by bed-hopping […]

Is Something Wrong with Vivienne and Knox?

Well I guess because we aren’t speculating right now about whether or not Angelina Jolie is pregnant and because things seem to be okay for a moment between her and Brad, the tabloids have turned their focus to the twins and creating drama surrounding their health. Apparently, if you are a celebrity, you must parade […]

Eddie Van Halen gets Married

It has been a pretty depressing weekend in news with the deaths of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, which both happened on Thursday of last week. Ever since it’s been pretty sad news and statements coming out but now, we take a break to celebrate! I really didn’t care back in October when Eddie […]

The Jackson Family Makes a Statement

As the world still sits in shocked awe over the death of Michael Jackson that happened on Thursday afternoon, no one can begin to imagine what it’s like in the Jackson household. Many of his family members and other people close to him, such as his doctor and even Michael himself, thought that this day […]

Ryan O’Neal Releases Statement

There’s no doubt that Ryan O’Neal has been going through his own personal hell ever since Thursday morning when his longtime partner, Farrah Fawcett, passed away. I can’t imagine the kind of pain that is and these two really did have a very wonderful love story. The two had a relationship that lasted for 17 […]

Is Jon Gosselin Going to Have his own Book?

Well now that he’s started divorce proceedings to end his marriage to Kate Gosselin, it seems that Jon Gosselin is going to start living his life the way he was never allowed to when he was married – the way he wants to! And reportedly, he’s going to start by making his own book. The […]

Britney Continues to Confirm Jason Trawick as New BF

Well because they’ve been seeing each other for several months now and we’re just starting to see them out and about together, it seems that Britney Spears can no longer deny that she and her agent, Jason Trawick, are an item. The two were seen first getting cozy at a restaurant, then taking a leisurely […]

Who will get Michael’s Kids?

Ya gotta know that the coverage on Michael Jackson’s death is going to become nauseating. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve the tribute or the respects but like Princess Diana and other huge world news, we will be seeing it fill the headlines for a long, long time to come. The headlines have already […]

Remembering Farrah Fawcett

It was the first of tragic news yesterday as the world learned that Farrah Fawcett was finally at peace and no longer battling cancer. Early yesterday morning, Farrah Fawcett died, just hours after being read her final rights. Learning of that news alone told the world that it was only a matter of time but […]

Good-bye, Michael

The news of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday has sent the world into a state of shock that I have not seen in a very, very long time. It’s amazing to me that someone who was so mocked and ridiculed in the public eye still touched so many people and it’s undeniable that music just would […]

Nick and Vanessa Break Up

Honestly, why are we still talking about Nick Lachey? His boy band died off long ago, he’s not even married to a famous blonde bombshell anymore and he’s not really doing anything, except appearing in tabloids. So why do we care that he’s broken up with the woman that claimed she wanted to have little […]

When are These Two Gonna get Married, Already?

I am actually in no rush to see Reese Witherspoon marry anybody else any time soon. But  she and Jake Gyllenhaal are just so cute together I can’t help but want to push them both down the aisle just a tiny bit! There actually is no talk of wedding plans yet but Jake did recently […]

The Newest Set of Miley

You would think that Miley Cyrus would have learned by now not to take sexual, or racial, pictures of yourself. Preferably not ever, definitely not when you’re 16 but most especially when you’re a very famous 16-year-old. The girl has stripped for magazines, taken pictures of herself in bed with her boyfriend, and also taken […]