Is Adam Lambert Gay? Do You Care?

Throughout the entire season of American Idol this year, the debate went whether or not the one of the best contestants, Adam Lambert was gay. Because it seemed so obvious to me that he was in fact gay, I thought the entire thing was something contrived by him and ‘his people’ to make him a household name and get people talking about him. But the fact that the debate still seems to continue, even more so in fact than when he was on the show, it leaves me wondering – why do people care so much whether Adam Lambert is gay?

Are we seriously still talking about people’s sexuality so much so to the point that it’s making headline news? I don’t understand why, in a world that is so up in arms over Proposition 8, the fact that someone might be gay is making headlines. Isn’t that the whole point? To get to the place where it no longer matters what sexuality someone is? The place where something like that is no longer considered news? Apparently we have a long way to go. So for all of those who do still think this type of thing is news and that are wondering whether or not Adam’s gay, you’re about to get your answer from the Gods of Rock themselves – Rolling Stone Magazine. From Pop Crunch,

This season’s American Idol runner-up, glam rocker Adam Lambert, will finally put all the speculation over his sexuality to rest when he publicly “comes out” as gay in the next issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, The NY Post is reporting.”

But it seems as though someone has already jumped the gun on telling whether or not Adam is gay and that was the new judge Kara DioGuardi. Keep in mind that although this article states that she’ll be on The View next Friday, I just saw this article now and so she appeared on the show this past Friday. From Daily Blabber, “Kara DioGuardi basically told the ladies on The View that Adam Lambert is gay.

“I don’t think that Adam was ever in [the closet],” she says in a chat set to air on The View Friday. “I think he was always openly out.”

But does she think Adam’s flamboyant ways hurt him in the end?

“I hope not,” Kara said “Because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and they both had that.”

Honestly, she’s right, whether or not she told Adam’s news or not. They should be judged on those things and neither of them has anything to do with sex. I also think that according to those two things, the proper person won. Adam was unique and he was also a good singer. Although I hated him, I can’t deny those two things. But I think he was just too unique and too intense for the mainstream music industry, which is what American Idol products appeal to. The American public voted (regardless of the other current controversy) and I think they chose wisely. Adam will be fine with his own career, he’s already in talks with Queen about becoming their new lead singer. 

I think it’s as obvious that Adam is gay as it is that Kris Allen is straight and I think neither fact should have anything to do with anything.

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