Bump Watch: Ellen and Heidi

Both Ellen Pompeo and Heidi Klum announced their pregnancies in April and Seal also announced at the same time that Heidi was about three monthspregnant while Ellen’s camp gave the vague ‘due in the fall’ response. I don’t know though, I would think it would have to be very early fall because after carrying this baby around all summer, Ellen’s going to be the size of a house! She already looks super preggers. Ellen was recently seen out and about with that ever-growing bump and some of her costars have also had some very nice things to say about what Ellen will be like as a mom. From US,

“Ellen Pompeo is ready to be a mom!

At least that’s what her Grey’s Anatomy costar, Jessica Capshaw, tells Usmagazine.com.

“She is so on top of it, and she is so excited and she is very sweet about it,” Capshaw told Us at an event at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “She is doing her research.”

Capshaw — who had her first child, Luke, in September 2007 — hasn’t had to give any parenting advice.

“She doesn’t need any,” the actress tells Us. “She is exactly the waythat she should be about it, which is really excited and hopeful but at the same time really pragmatic and planning. And I think that is the best way for her to be.”

Yep, the whole mommy thing will be very new to Ellen but also-pregnant Heidi Klum will be wearing the title like an old hat as she and her husband Seal are expected to have their baby also in the fall. This will be the fourth child for the two. I wonder how the pregnancy and birth will affect Heidi’s show Project Runway as that’s set to start up again in August. Well at least for the first few months we’ll be able to watch Heidi in all of those glamourous designer maternity dresses. But even when she’s just out on errands, Heidi Klum is stunning of course. Grrrrr…..

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