Some People Just Don’t Learn jasmine benefits for skin

Well it seems that even with all the body scrub with coconut oil and the media coverage surrounding Jon, Kate, their eight children, and their extra-marital affairs, some people just don’t learn that using your children for profit just isn’t a good idea. I was really kind of tangerine oil uses and of on the orange […]

Is Adam Lambert Gay? Do You Care?

Throughout the entire season of American Idol this year, the debate went whether or not the one of the best contestants, Adam Lambert was gay. Because it seemed so obvious to me that he was in fact gay, I thought the entire thing was something contrived by him and ‘his people’ to make him a household name […]

Bump Watch: Ellen and Heidi

Both Ellen Pompeo and Heidi Klum announced their pregnancies in April and Seal also announced at the same time that Heidi was about three monthspregnant while Ellen’s camp gave the vague ‘due in the fall’ response. I don’t know though, I would think it would have to be very early fall because after carrying this baby around all summer, Ellen’s going […]